Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yes. I'm home again, oh Joy and Happiness.

I am SO glad, SO so glad! Home. Home. Home.

I spent the last two weeks in the Icky Place [the hospital], again. Before that I had two weeks at home, but in some ways it was like the Icky Place: IV drip antibiotics, Lovenox belly shots, nurses coming, no getting out of bed except for any doctor appointment I could get to without canceling due to illness...Too sick, way too sick. Too sick to have been discharged once again, *dear* Broward General, in the first place - home IV's or no.

Where am I? Oh - Two weeks in the Icky Place, after two weeks at home. Before that? Another couple weeks in the Icky Place, until early November I think. I love Halloween, but for years running I keep missing it for various and sundry silly reasons. This year it was because I was in the Icky Place again.

I'm working on a big-ass ol' post about these more recent adventures. I've decided to stop trying to make any kind of predictions about events in my life any more, especially about timing, so I don't even want to say *I'll post it soon.* I can, though. say this: it'll be way too long to read anyway; I am near the end at least; and, I'll post it as soon as I can.

Walter reminds me to let you all know it was me, not him, behind the complete lack of updates since the last post. Apparently the last time he posted such, I went haywire on him. I have absolutely no recollection of this incident. I'm a little distressed to hear it and immediately apologize. He said it happened during a bad sick spell, yes, but I sounded totally lucid, so he didn't put it down to the illnesses or drugs, like he does when I'm not lucid.

I told him, --That happened a few other times, the nurses told me, getting noticeably mad and being verbal about it, even during apparently *lucid* times. But they said they could tell right away it wasn't really *me* in there at the time, lucid or no. So please understand, while I did mean the *please don't post without asking first* part, I most certainly did not see any reason or justification for *yelling* at you. How could you know not to post an update when I never said so? Usually I want you to do updates so people don't worry, I can't stand it when my readers worry.--

This time, Some Things changed since my own last post. The last six or eight weeks of bad illness instilled those changes - some permanent, some not - and I do remember I'd just wanted to explain a bit about how it all took place, before early updates went out. That's all. I was working hard on the Big-Ass *Most Recent Adventures* Post, and was surely way too optimistic about when I'd finish it. Way way too sick to think like that, when those Some Things have clearly changed.

So - I want to apologize to all you readers, too. I doubt it will happen again, where I neither *update* personally nor ask Walter or Nancy to do it. It was indeed a very serious bout; but I'm home now, discharged in the early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.

Home. How really, very, sweet it is.


Okay. A belated *Happy Black Friday!* too. But it still counts! Um, because it's still Thanksgiving Weekend, and the *Madness Continues,* as no doubt some ad campaign somewhere is hollering out.

Me, I don't begrudge anyone their Retail Therapy, no no no. It's just that it doesn't usually work that way for me, so on the Really Big Shopping days I call it a spectator sport and stay home.


Okay. A belated *Happy Thanksgiving!!!* But it still counts, because it's still Thanksgiving Weekend. Plus, some folks that miss the Actual Day are now just sort of moving it to Saturday or so forth. Wisely, yes?