Monday, November 28, 2005


Posted by Picasa He's always good when he's asleep.


Desert Cat said...

Ooh! A big goldie!

A goldie recently joined my outdoor crew. Up 'til now they've mostly been black and white and shades of stripey grey (lots of B&W genetics in this neighborhood--even my half siamese is clearly black and white in her other half). We've named him Tommy (how original!) Actually he was Timmy first by me, because of his timid nature, but Daisycat had to be contrary about it. So he's Tommy now.

Gorgeous cats they are!

k said...

BabyCat's there again now, next to the computer monitor, in much the same position.

I read him your comment. He squished his eyes almost shut and quietly purred.

My big boy. I was midwife at his birth. He fit in the palm of my small hands back then. Now he clocks in at 12+ pounds and has the lanky long legs of a basketball player. He's an extraordinarily sweet cat. His mother, April, was too. Both of them very special cats.

We don't have any shortage of goldies here. Most local people don't think of goldies as being as pretty as you and I do. His mother was a beautiful little medium long hair tortoiseshell from Tampa, where - talk about local cat genetics - they have tortoiseshells in great abundance. His dad, Eric, was half Siamese and looked it.

But of April's four kittens, one was black, and the other three were goldies. One, Arthur, had medium long hair too. Talk about a gorgeous cat, Lord almighty, Arthur was world-class beautiful.

Not one looked like either parent.