Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Claw! It's The Claw!

I just LOVE The Claw.

The Gold Standard of Disaster Recovery, the Great State of Florida, has been seeing a lot of The Claw. It's an effective and charming technique.

The huge debris piles were picked up with the aid of little front-end loaders. They'd shove the pile together, and The Claw would grab a handful and put it in the truck.

The trash goes to one of many Mt. Trashmores dotting the SoFL landscape. The vegetation gets chipped and given away for free mulch.

Unfortunately, we got so much of it that they've been forced to burn a lot of it, too. A few fires have gone out of control. Oh well.

As we continue to chainsaw away, trimming or taking down trees damaged by Katrina and Wilma, we'll get to see The Claw in action for some time to come.

This is across the street from BB's house. I was working in the front yard, weeding, waiting (in vain) for the Cable Guy, as Walter required a nap. When I realized the big truck with the inexplicable Queen Palm hanging out the back had stopped and was about to load up a pile of wood, I ran for the camera...just as BB was looking out her front door, wishing she had a camera.

It's so nice when stuff comes together like that. Posted by Picasa

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