Sunday, March 19, 2006

Walter Walter! I was a GOOD Girl!

So a FEW fire ant stings won't kill me. So far, anyway.

I'm back, I'm back, and I already potted everything I swiped today.

I did! I really did it!

Up till now, I've been raiding supplies rather than plants. Well, a few plants. But lots and lots of supplies. About 6-10 big yard trash bags each visit. Mostly this is empty pots, and plant trays and things.

Today, for the first time at this particular place, I came home with mostly plants.

And being more or less caught up with my other rescue plant potting, I could do them all up today.

Really, it's hard to express what this means. Ever since Wilma I've been working my disabled ass off, as best I can, trying to keep us all a tiny bit greener, a tiny bit more alive, than we would be otherwise. Every day that went by without me finishing meant that one or two more of my would-be rescues would die.

They would ALL die if I didn't bring them home. I know this, and I refuse to feel guilty about the ones that don't make it. I was hoping for at least 50% of them to survive, unpotted, until I could get to them. And my survival rate turned out more like 80-90%. It's fabulous.

But it still feels better to know I'm finally there, and can try for 95% instead.

I was a VERY good girl!

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