Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Strange Menace


The spring pollen wave has hit me like a horse kick in the gut.

I'm switching over to nights. Cancelling doctor visits, postponing phone calls, sleeping sleeping sleeping. Down for the count.

For now.

Very quickly - a couple of days at most - I'll be adapted to my nocturnal life and functioning much better. The trick of watering the plants first thing in the morning is the only part that still gets iffy, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Going outside, where I'm exposed to a level of allergens that can be lethal, has to be done with caution.

I am now a virtual shut-in.

This is nothing new. It happens every year. I used to grieve over it. A loss is a loss. But I'd rather just be able to accept it as the *normal* part of my life that it is.

For a person who loves to be outside as much as I do, that's not so easy. But I never forget this: I am alive and I have found a way to function within these extreme limits of an unusual medical condition. So:

It's better than the alternative.


Desert Cat said...


We're just about done with the pollen season here. It was milder than usual because of the drought, but for people allergic to Palo Verde it was still pretty harsh. For whatever reason, Palo Verde seem to go gangbusters on the blooms in the drier years.

k said...

Some plants are like that, blooming better under stress. Bougies - didn't your bougainvillea bloom like crazy this year? Same with my Desert Rose.

This time of year is always an adventure. Last year I just zoned out. This year I really, really want to keep communicating. New experiment. BB says, Wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. bookmarked )