Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Of course, that MAY be because he puts it on EXACTLY right on the first try. But he tweaks it a bit anyway. Probably just for show.

The tweaking is done with an industrial-style sucker clamp. I love those things.

He cleans off some (probably non-existant) extrusion from that bead. I'm really not convinced there was anything there, me.

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In keeping with his careful and orderly approach, he's kept the screws in a weighted ashtray. He hands it to me, pointing out the nice rubber bottom. Won't scratch your car.

--Well, this is a hurricane car-- I tell him. Weird little scratches from head to toe.

Oh! Are you still getting people who are just now fixing hurricane damage?

--Yeah, sometimes! Strange.

--Probably they were either too broke or too depressed to do it before. You'd be amazed, looking around here, you see the nice neat front yards? You should see what we've got out in back. It was only a month or two ago when all of a sudden a bunch of us snapped out of it, all at the same time for no reason I could see, and finally felt like we could deal with clearing out the dead trees and branches hiding in the back yard.

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