Friday, June 23, 2006

Babycat says, Walter has The BEST smelly shoes!

he's back, he's back he's back. mmmrrrrrooowwwwwww!!!!!!!

Why do cats love stinky shoes so much?

Walter took his sneakers off. He grinned. *He's gonna LOVE these,* he said.

Apparently he'd been wearing them, unaired, for quite some time. Just for his boy!

Because Babycat - who really didn't feel well at the time - buried his head inside each shoe, back and forth, floating on a cloud of...ecstasy.

When he was a younger cat, he'd push those shoes all over the floor, trying to bury his head deeper and deeper inside. In the morning we'd have to hunt for a half-hour just to find both shoes.

Or, he'd get so zonked from his olfactory thrills, he'd pass out with his head still pushed inside a shoe. Purring himself to sleep, eyes all squinted shut in happiness, cradling that smelly sneaker between his paws. Holding on for dear life.

You best not even THINK of trying to pull it away from him.


pepektheassassin said...

Wull, who DOESN'T love stinky shoes?... :(

pepektheassassin said...

PS I guess olfactory thrills are as good as any. Whatever pushes your buttons. :)

Nancy said...

Here's hoping you have BabyCat with you for a long time.

k said...

Nancy, thank you. At this point it's mostly luck from here on out. I know you two put so much into keeping Brain as healthy and happy as you could. And it seems like you got to keep him a while *extra* as a result. When I read about it I knew that's exactly what to do with my BabyCat.

So now we just spend what time we can with him and keep him loved up. Those shoes? BabyCat could probably find LOTS of nice smelly shoes in most any house. But what Walter did was wear his EXTRA hard for that cat. Silly as all get-out. I know. But it's just like that - it makes him SO happy. I told him, BabyCat! olfactory thrills float your boat, huh?

And he purred and purred.

Nancy said...

It's the little things that count. Even when they're big stinky shoes.

Chuckles is working out as a good dog. 'Pup likes him and is taking him almost everywhere. The dog also gets 'Pup to take walks he wouldn't normally take.

He's not Brain, but he's Chuckles.

And the cat's declared war. She's figured out that he can be easily intimidated by a hard stare and sharp claws.

Go, Spitty, GO!

k said...

That is definitely GOOD news. I'd love to see the new Spitty pix! I bet they'll be much different, huh?

a little assertion business goin' down, there!

cats not going for the traditional dog-type walk are their *plus* side - and *minus*.