Monday, June 12, 2006

Cat's Eye via pepektheassassin

Anyone who's read more that one or two posts here has probably figured out that I hold mother nature in great esteem, on many fronts. One of those is just her sheer and pure beauty.

Check it out:


pepektheassassin said...

Good morning ksq! Hope you're doing well. I was just thinking...another writer's whose stuff I know you would LOVE: Loren Eiseley! Look him up on your searchbar. He wrote "The Star Thrower," The Unexpected Universe," "The Invisible Pyramid," and so many others. Non-fiction essays, poetry, and an autobiography called "All the Strange Hours." He was an anthropologist/archeologist/poet First Class! (Maybe you already know him.) ?

k said...

Not yet, but I sure will! I can tell it's time for me to pay up my ancient overdue books fine at our local library and get back over there. I've been sucking up $.125 paperbacks at the thrift store, but I miss out on those things that are special or specific or, sometimes, just plain Brand New.

And it looks like convalescence is a good time to do it, huh?