Thursday, June 15, 2006

Comin' Around the Bend

Getting something like this around a tight corner is far more difficult than it appears. They also had to avoid a plumbing fixture on the side of the house right there.

waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! it tipped! it's gonna kill the only piece of board fence that didn't come down in the hurricane!

Naw. Had it back upright in a jiffy, no harm done. Danny was always big and strong. So much so, I tend to forget that these days, he's even bigger and stronger than when he and his dad worked for us. Posted by Picasa

The space is narrower now. Add this: Danny is storing a muscle car in our carport until they can get a tree on their property relocated - they ran out of room to park cars. But - he forgot to bring his keys! So he can't move it out of the way. If the hot tub tips and hits the car I will CRY.

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