Friday, June 02, 2006

Flashlights and Roses

Walter loves to collect cool stuff for me out on the road. As a trucker he runs across some great buys. Usually it's things like flashlights, digital cameras, memory cards, batteries, chargers, small tools for my small hands and small art projects. Wondrous goodies to warm this gal's heart.

At the Fossil Farm, Bill from Baton Rouge got a real kick out of this. He thought the flashlight bit was pretty romantic. I told Bill my new headlamps were inspired by his OWN headlamp that impressed me so much the year before.

Well. Walter hadn't been gone a couple weeks, when he got that run to Miami a few days ago. Bonus visit home, yay!


That meant he hadn't been on the road long enough to collect anything for the goodie bag.

What to do, what to do?...

He leaves his rig in a lot not far from the house, and calls me up, and I go fetch him and his things. And what did that man have for me this time?


Red roses.

A simple and beautiful bouquet. Just exactly right.

He wasn't sure he should do this. --Um, is it okay?-- he asked. --You don't mind?

Well. No. Not too much, no.

(awww, mush! )

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