Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Funny Cats! Can't Beat That! Oh, No No No...

Desert Cat has the funniest cat video I've ever seen: Talking Cats.

I've been amusing myself with it so much I just had to swipe it.

Then I saw this great link on pepektheassassin:

Yes indeed! It's all about Hitler Cats.

Who would have guessed? I would never have thought, growing up, that one day I'd be sitting here with a little computer on my lap, looking at a site on the internet devoted to showing pictures of cats that look like Hitler.

Just in case I missed anything VITALLY important, I hit Darlugo's search function. YES! Another funny cat clip: In light of Livey's bear problems, perhaps she should show that one to the little prince.

Want a little more? This one's celled Selfish Cat. I'd argue that. Selfish? We're talking:
1. FOOD; and,
2. a DAWG!!!

Nicely tying it all together, we have a funny cat video of a funny cat watching a video of funny cats.


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