Friday, July 14, 2006


Well, hell. Been having some computer issues here. Cableman says it's the router not the modem after all. We'll see what Walter has to say about that end of things.

But at least, I'm sort of on-line again.

And I had a most interesting day, and made a little money driving the English guy around, and will be off doing the same tomorrow. Then I'll catch all y'all up on everything.

Till then...keep your head above the water. It's creeping up on everyone this week, it seems. Surgeries and wacked-out moms and workplace weirdies and more.

I know - i KNOW - you'll all make it through.


Sassy Sistah said...

Hey, ks! Have a terrific day! I have a question - what's a bankbuster? I saw that in your sidebar over there and wondered...

Nancy said...

Howdy K!

I found a plumeria on sale, it was one of four on a "for sale cheap cause our idiot associates here at Humoungus box store don't know how to water plants" table.

I got the healthiest looking one and have planted it, and it seems to be doing well.

pepektheassassin said...

Re: computer. Wull...hell!

pepektheassassin said...

Re: English guy. What English guy? Did I miss something???

k said...

Sassy, you reminded me I wanted to put links in my profile.

Often my links are broken and I get fed up and stop. If it doesn't click you can cut and paste it. I figure it's better than nothing.

It starts out talking about something else, but the body of the post contains a description of the work I used to do.

Hope you like it!

k said...

Nancy, I'm so glad! I was working on the plumeria shipping and then we both got sidetracked, and it turns out the nematode inspector didn't schedule my inspection yet. That means it's still 6-8 weeks minimum before I can ship to TX or AZ, and that's probably not an optimal planting time there any more.

If you lived in Louisiana, only a few miles away, I could probably ship next week. Fooey! We may have to think of early next year for getting some plumeria out to you from here.

pepek, the English guy is my friend and neighbor Jeff. I had several posts mentioning him last August, which I just realized is already a year ago. He's a interesting guy. I'm working on a post about him, should be up in the next few days.

August 2005 archives is pretty chock-full. Plenty of *Hurricane Katrina Eats Ft. Lauderdale,* including pictures of my mad dash driving over 100 miles through it, including either the eyewall or its nearest rain band. I took the pics holding the camera up to the windshield as I drove through the hurricane, darker and darker. kmom loved 'em so much she almost made a comment!

Anonymous said...

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