Saturday, July 08, 2006

Peace Breaks Out

Blogwars are not for me.

I'm a peacenik.

One thing many of us expected after Acidman's demise was that the associated blogdramas would cease.

They did not.

As I've already said, I have no dog in those fights. I do have compassion for people hurting and grieving, who can get caught up in stuff like that and wish they hadn't.

The blogosphere takes some rightful criticism for these blogdramas, both from within the 'sphere and without. And of course, as a peacenik, I dislike them too. I reserve my disdain for those who stir things up on purpose. There truly are individuals who do, for their own amusement. If they were the only players ever involved, I'd say, Fine. Have at it! Whatever floats your boat.

But unfortunately, in real life it doesn't work that way. Collateral damage ensues. In one case a few years back, I heard of a woman who'd been posting *inblognito,* was *outed* by an enemy, and lost her job because of it. I despise nastiness. It's unkind.

I do recognize that not all participants are there willingly. Speaking in very GENERAL terms, I've seen in OTHER blogdramas how some folks are innocent victims of provocative and/or stalking type behaviors - if I remember right, the lady who got fired was generally considered one of them. And I don't like the *blame the victim* game, so I really feel for the ones who get targeted and don't know how to escape, and then get vilified on top of everything else.

Now - back to this specific situation - here's why those issues can actually NOT MATTER.


Because two women who both cared very much for Rob Smith, and were grieving, and were the principals in the blogdrama that ensued AFTER his death, have declared peace.

Only the uninitiated will fail to grasp how very remarkable this is.

They emailed. They talked on the phone for five hours. They learned things, each about the other, that they hadn't known before. They learned things about each other's relationship with Rob Smith that they hadn't known before.

One comment that's been floating around is how Rob, if he's still with us in spirit, is probably having a good laugh over this most recent of blogdramas surrounding him. Of course, never having known the guy, I can't say this with any authority - but I think they may be right.

So it actually may be dishonoring his memory for these two to bury the hatchet in the graceful way they did.

If so? Sorry, guy. But I bet you'll get over it. ;-)

If he's glad about it? Good going. I like.

Ladies? I am so very proud of you both I feel like I'm about to explode. I say this: You have done great credit to the blogosphere, to each other, to your selves, and to the memory of a legendary blogger.

Stevie and Livey : You have honored the 'sphere. I honor you.


dropping by said...

stop with the drama, the women didn't even know the man all that well.

k said...

dropping, you silly goose! Praising the resolution of the drama surely isn't continuing it.

As to whether they knew him well, I disgree. But ultimately only they and a dead man know for sure. You don't.

I do know this for sure: Lurking about looking for dubious reasons to tell other people to be quiet will never make you happy.