Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sassy Escapes, to Blog Once More!

She did it, folks! Yes she DID! Yay!

Not only is her blog rescued, Miss Sassy's misbehaving ball gladder is OUT and she's home at last.

Naturally, it didn't go off without a hitch.

Well...actually, I guess it did. Only thing is, no one would admit it. They tortured her with cold food and (shudder!) grape jello and ice cold coffee and all the nurses wandering off after they promised they'd do some fresh coffee or a pain med...and all the while, she was actually already signed out. The idiot doctor just didn't bother to come by for his final look-see.

This resulted in her being held hostage for an entire NIGHT. Then - did they let her go the next day? Especially considering her papers were already SIGNED?


They did not. Thought she'd like to hang around for more pointless sleepless torment.

So instead, having had enough already, she got dressed and left.

They're probably still out there, wandering the streets calling her name...while she's safe at home at last, nice and comfy, in her own bed with her own hot soup and whatever she needs. And can rest, finally, finally.

Except that after she got home and went to sleep? Which she never could do in that hospital? and she thought she was away from the meddling *Don't You LET Those Patients Sleep!* folks?

They called her on the phone at home and...WOKE HER UP.

That fool doctor. The one that never came by when he was supposed to, see.

He made up for his thoughtlessness! Yes he DID! By calling her at home and waking her up to - get this - to SEE HOW SHE WAS DOING.

Probably felt like he'd stepped on a hornet.


Kenway said...

Hey k, I've been to the doc's all day and then got home to find my service out so I'm just now catching up, read Sandy's ordeal and got me mad again! Been there, done that, can wear that t shirt! Glad to see she's home again.

k said...

Yeah, when I was reading her blog I kept going, *I know exACTly what you mean!* Reading that she was safe again was a real relief.

kenway said...

Hey, you allright k? Haven't seen any thing of ya in little while!

Catfish said...

Glad she is doing good. Get well soon, Cat

Sassy Sistah said...

Hey ks! Your post had me LMAO this morning! Free at last, free at last...that's me!

Hope you're doing okay today!

k said...

Ken, I'm okay, just in my Slow Season here. (?) (oh! see new post.)

Hey Cat, how's the hernia op? Doing better I hope? Since you're putting sex posts on again I figured you must be feeling better.

Miss Sassy, LYAO is ALWAYS better than Hollering YAO. Well. Depending on WHY one's hollering, of course.

Anonymous said...

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