Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Made It

I'm home.

I did both appointments.

more later-



Nancy said...

you've been busy lately dear!


I hope you feel better soon and are able to really get back outside in your garden.

humph. I go away for a week and you come out of hibernation in a vengance.

k said...

Welcome back, Nancy! Busy? yeah. long as I'm not bored...

Now: I can say this to so few. But you are a teacher, and one who understands things like the romantic doings of backyard amphibians, so -

Not hibernation. Estivation. ;-)

LL said...

Girl, I just caught up on blogs and I'm SO sorry to see you're sickly. I'm thinkin' of ya. *hug*

pepektheassassin said...

k, hope all is well. Thinking about you!

k said...

Thanks, you two. Looking back, I'm surprised at how sick I really was. Should know better by now, huh?

I am definitely feeling better. Not all the way well, and at that, still pretty sick. But the fevers come and go now, not a constant any more. Yesterday I actually baked again. That's a sign to the neighbors - the Baking Beneficiaries! - that I'm getting about a bit now.