Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ms. Foot and the Eye. And stuff.

Posted by Picasa That foot there? Since the left foot is Poor Mr. Foot, I call the right one Ms. Foot. She's Poor Mr. Foot's right hand man.

I get tan lines from my flipflops, okay? Stop laughing.

Ms. Foot gets the blister disease more than Poor Mr. Foot does. As you can see, she's got lots of old blister scars, some fresh ones, and a BIG sucker right on top of that big toe. The blisters love those toes.

BUT!!! The nail is actually growing back, and it seems to be the entire toenail no less, yay! And the place where Dr. Superglue stuck the big toe back on when I dropped the hurricane log on it? Glue took nicely and it's healed up well.

My scratched up left cornea works just fine again, and I don't need the ointment or eye patches any more. Which is good, because the only way I'd have put in a pic was if it were one of those black pirate eye patches. All *I* got was some ugly thick white thing. Looked like a flattened egg. Great eye doc, but no sense of glamour.

Last but not least...I think I got all the cactus spines pulled out, head to toe, and soon I can stop slathering my boobs with Silvadene.