Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Resurrection of Bane

That may be blasphemy, right there. If so, please excuse. I'm using it in a common-language context, okay?

Because a weird and wonderful blogger, Bane, was recently restored to the 'sphere after almost leaving us forever.

Bane's broke. This, despite a number of talents and lots of education. See, he has a child who needs really extreme medical care. Lots of very expensive and ongoing surgeries, for birth defects, I believe; I don't know the particulars. But surely it's a terrible burden emotionally and financially both, and this on a guy who clearly truly loves his children. The time and attention and good firm parenting he lavishes on them is a beautiful thing to read about on his blog.

Add to that, he's disabled himself now with arthritis. He's a stay-at-home dad. I think maybe he's home-schooling his two young kids - if not formally, then by definition, considering the amount of thought and care and direction he puts into their activities.

He's a heavy poster, 3-6 per day, full of raunch and fun and snark and strong opinions and naughtiness and such. Truly superb writing. Gifted. His wide readership loves him, and some hate him too. Or both. Some readers are serious Bane addicts. I disagree with many of his positions on things, and I'm not alone. Still, I've come to enjoy reading him. A unique voice in the 'sphere, Bane is. Me, I don't make that claim idly. Ever.

Well. The House of Bane can't afford many very basic things people need, and that kids need too, like books and stuff. So just imagine their feelings when Bane's computer gave up the ghost.

Despair. Absolute and utter despair.

He needs this outlet like nobody's business, and he was ready to quit. Over - at first - a couple hundred buck's worth of parts.

Then everything ELSE on the machine blew too. Whole new system was in order, there. Given the amount of entertainment and thought-provocation he'd provided his blog readers over the years, I thought he'd earned it. And as it turns out, lots of other people did too.

His blog maintenance buddy and friend, LL of Chromed Curses, took over from her location. She did interim postings, and made a Call for Donations that, incredibly, raised enough money to get him a new system that did justice to his artistry as a writer. She gathered a LOT of input from knowledgeable readers on what would suit Bane's computer needs. She got it specially built and quick-shipped to him, and he's online on his own again.

All this took something like 10 days after the old system first went down. Then, since there were customer service problems with Tiger Direct, the vendor, she got the shipping cost reimbursed. That was 25% of the order. We're probably talking roughly $250 or so, ballpark guess - a HUGE savings. Around the same amount that, initially, was budgeted to fix the old computer was what she recovered from the manufacturer. Given my own background and circumstances, I admire that.

This was a really great thing to watch unfold. So: Welcome back, Bane! Welcome back. I don't like everything you say, but hey. I have some really strong feelings about that free speech thing. Not to mention, about our right and responsibility to think for ourselves. Looks to me like you actually do. Fire away! Ah, to your heart's content.

And Wendy? aka LL? I'll just repeat a comment I left over there at Bane's place:

LL, you're a WONDER. Serious business. An idle remark about an online pissing contest, and you took off like a bird in flight, acrobatic and astute, performing a sort of miracle of restoration.

Of resurrection. For a lot of us, I think Acidman was at the back of our minds throughout. It's been such a healing thing, watching all this unfold.

And now you've answered one of my Friday questions: How much do you charge for your blog maintenance? (just curious!)

Answer: It's free.

Now THAT'S a friend.


Granny J said...

What LL did is wondrous. And in a good cause.

But I'd like to
promote an outfit that does a great job getting free stuff (including laptops & routers) to people -- and conversely, helping people (like me)get rid of all kinds of stuff I'm not using or needing.

It's called & there are spinoffs all over the country. I'm in a small city and we have a very active group.

Now, if only they can turn up someone to take the Dutch Sci-Fi a neighbor dumped on me.

Catfish said...

Good friends are very hard to find and once you find one, then it is hard to keep them, Cat

k said...

Granny J, that is fabulous! I love that sort of thing. Swap it out!

I'd think that there might be something similar in Bane's neck of the woods, him being in Oregon and all. Here, there's a very different community spirit. Not necessarily all bad, of course. We share and help, but not in that way.

Now I'll check around locally and see if I get all embarrassed by my search proving me wrong.

hey Cat - I always say, it's much easier to find a lover than a friend.

LL said...


But it was really about all of you guys pitching in dollars here and there.

Jean said...

what a sweet post k!...I'm also one of the many who is glad to see Bane back.

k said...

HA! LL, before you came on the scene, only one person had donated. $60. Remember?

Now me, I'm patting myself on the back for planting the blogathon bug in your ear. I was so thrilled when you put that note up on Bane's about the pissing contest, I can't tell you. Still am. As an isolated hermit, I am totally unaccustomed to such things. So I get a lot of mileage out of them.

Now: If **I** can allow myself a *that a girl* for such a tiny, 2-minute involvement as that, then YOU - who did a time-intensive job on it all that was a work of art, of beauty - YOU must allow US to do the warm fuzzies to you, left and right.

And just as an aside, mama k says you should also allow YOU to give your ownself a *that a girl,* too. Good proper mental hygiene, there. Mama says.