Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This area leading into the house is where one of the little steps was. Now it's all one level. No scooter issues here.

Pic #2 looks out the front door toward the street. Where the front porch meets the patio is where the other little step was, before.

The picture of the porch is from a few weeks ago, after hurricane preps cleared everything off the porch. I've laid out the spiral, sort of as a *rough sketch,* but then I had to wait for the weather to pass before I could work them into the sand.

Posted by PicasaThe fourth view looks from the carport to the porch. Making a slope using bricks isn't easy. Here the slope is steep. The little wall of 4 bricks is mortared in. I didn't want to raise the level of the whole porch, or build the little walls higher. So I sloped the *ramp.* Here I had to use half bricks to make the slope work out.

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