Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sitemeter Milestones


In another day or two, it'll turn over to 5000.

When I first made this blog - actually, when Walter made it, me being a terrible lameass phobe and all - I thought I'd put the Sitemeter thing in. However, it only showed all zeros all the time.

I wasn't surprised at first, but then, how could it continue to be zero when I had actual Comments? Proof positive that SOMEONE had stopped by! So I got all giggly with it and figured that silly Sitemeter just didn't know how to count.

I didn't mind a bit, since I don't want to run ads or anything.

Months went by. Finally my blogmama suggested it might actually work better if I turned it ON.


I gave this some thought. I think slow.

After a couple months, I went in there to see if I could figure this thing out. And indeed - it was simply not turned on.

I hit the switch.

A year or so had come and gone since I started the blog.

I looked at that Sitemeter stuff intermittently. What I liked the best was how it showed things like where people are from, and why they Googled you up. Stuff like that was really fun. I discovered the polyphemus moth eggs hatching were of great interest all over the world, especially in springtime. And that for some reason, I get a surprising amount of traffic from places like Malaysia. They have totally fab orchids and bugs in these locations, so I'm really happy with that.

Now, I'm about to hit one of those Sitemeter milestones.

And while traffic numbers were never of much interest to me - it's just not a big motivation behind this blog - still, I'm surprised at how gratified I am.

I really am. It means there are people who genuinely enjoy coming here and reading what I post. What I write, and the pix I take. And that's a true compliment, and quite humbling. Somehow I never expected that to happen. Yet it did.

So thank you all. Thank you very much. Not just whoever #5000 turns out to be - each and every one of you who stopped by here and put one of those *Visitor* numbers in.



Cindi said...

Congrats on your blogging milestone! Like you, I am not concerned about the numbers but I do find it interesting to see where the visitors are from. When I see someone came by and they are from another country, it amazes me. I kind of feel the same way when I am playing Yahoo literati and meet other players from so far away. Having a connection with people from all walks of life...somehow makes the world seem smaller. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

k said...

Hey, Cindi, thanks! I have no idea what this game is that you're talking about. But boy do I understand that wonderful feeling of far-off connectedness.

And right back atcha, too.

Cindi said...

In Yahoo games they have one called Literati. If you like to play the board game Scrabble, you might like it because that is pretty much what it is like. My mother loves to play it too. It can be addictive!

Jean said...

Congrats, k! I didn't add my sitemeter until Oct 3 or so... close in techno-phobe status to you... It is fun to see where folks come from and sometimes why.
I love blogging and the folks "met" through this amazing communication form.
And, I love your blog!

Walrilla said...

Congratulations, K! I just hit my 5K a few days ago. It's definitely a rush, even if you aren't "doing it for the numbers". It's at 4953 right now.


Livey said...

Congrats honey!

prettylady said...

And imagine, darling, you have achieved this glorious milestone without ever once mentioning blowjobs, to my knowledge. Truly, there is hope for civilization. ;-)

George/Ron said...

I did the same thing, didn't turn it on.

Lisa W. said...

Here from Walrilla - congrats on almost 5000 and many more!

k said...

Thanks everyone! Cindi, I know myself well enough to know I'd better NOT find that literati site! I have enough trouble just staying away from Freecell sometimes. But...blogging pulls me back in every time.

Jean, I love your blog too. All you guys, actually, are on my non-displayed blogroll - that good ol *favorites* list. And I'm more surprised all the time at how much I love to blog. I knew it would be good, and good *for me.* I had no idea it would be this great in all departments, or that I would learn, and enjoy, so much from other bloggers as I do.

Yean, Walrilla, I caught your 5K post! We almost did it like twins, missed it by a few days.

Livey, you KNOW a lot of those hits are from YOU, going way back. You're only the second blogger I sat down and read every single archive, which took several days, but doing it non-stop. The first was blogdad Desert Cat.

Pretty Lady, your blowjob post will remain one of the great posts in blogdom till kingdom come. I must confess, however, to a couple of Penis Day posts of my own. Couldn't help the timing - the Whizzinator was making the rounds on Capitol Hill, and it was an ongoing curiosity of mine, that Whiz. I got so many spambot hits from that, if I'd had my meter turned on at the time, I'd probably be up there with Livey right now.

george/ron, you're the only other person I ever heard about doing that! I must say I'm relieved. We now have a 2-person club.

GUYK said...

Well, I'm trying to help out and maybe get the meter spinning a bit

AB5SY said...

GuyK said you were giving a prize to the 5,000th visiter..if it's me I'll take the fur line crapper.

k said...

guyk, you did it. Whoever it was came from your url a little earlier, checked out some stuff, then came back right on time.

ab5sy, now you KNOW guyk said it might be the crapper...or its contents. I choose.

k said...

Oh! and Lisa W, I remember when you were born, little tyke! Everyone had been reading your comments for so long and then you finally jumped in. That was great.

PS george/ron - There aren't too many who have *Trout Fishing In America* listed as a Favorite Book in their profile. I have a copy of that book hanging around here somewhere...