Monday, October 23, 2006

Unfulfilled Fantasies Involving Honey? Don't Look!

These pix are from Saturday.

Having read here and here about using medical grade honey against MRSA, I thought I'd give it a try.

This particular surface MRSA may be the one that set off the cellulitis in the leg. I'd been watching it and taking pix for days and days, because it was a bad one and hurt like hell.

Now: Funny thing about that MRSA pain is, once I hit the sore with Silvadene, the pain stops almost instantly. It's not just from some emollient effect; substances like Vaseline don't do the trick.

But - the honey did.


Being honey, naturally, it likes to drip. Hmmm. A nice bandage will keep it in place.

Slather the rest of the leg in Silvadene.

So why isn't the whole leg covered with white stuff?

Because the local fever in the leg was so high, it melted most of the Silvadene. Made it all clear and shiny.

And last night, Saturday night, the infected area had crept up over the knee. Not good.

Calling this *cellulitis* is such an unfortunate choice of words. It makes it sound like that icky ripply fat deposit we all love to loathe. Cellulite.

These infections, of course, have nothing to do with mundane cosmetic issues. And hell yes, that's mundane. You want to worry about your chicken skin thighs? Replace that with worrying about whether the leg will look better amputated.

Or how good you'll look dead. Don't worry! They'll cover the cellulite good once you're in your coffin.


Lately, when I try to explain to the mercifully unacquainted what exactly we're talking about, I say it's like gangrene.

Then, I see the little light go on in their eyes. Now they get it.


Cindi said...

k, I haven't checked in here in the last few days. I am so sorry you are going through this! Wow re. the honey. I had never heard about the healing properties of honey (except for with sore throat). That is amazing.
My heart goes out to you, k.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

k said...

Cindi, thank you. It came up so fast. But it turned the corner so fast, too.

Look at the difference in one day, in the pix. Amazing, huh?

Nancy said...

Phew... we did the picture thing with 'Pup too. Sent it to the doc's email.

I understand about not getting it. I finally have to resort to explaining to people: "I have a spinal chord injury. It affects the nerves that head towards my legs. Yes, I'm very glad I can still walk." They start wincing on the "spinal chord injury". I suspect several of them then resolutely close their ears for the rest.

ah well

k said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean!It's so hard to find a balance between explaining it and not going on and on about it. You MUST tell people because you have certain needs or whatever. NOT because you're obsessing about your disability, you just want to get to a chair or something. And they don't get it.

After trying so many different ways, now I usually just cut to the chase: like how you say, "spinal cord injury." That has its own drawbacks, though.

If they close their ears least they get out the way.

Livey said...

It's worse looking perfectly healthy and strong! I'm so sick of the shit I get from people who think I'm faking a disability!

k said...

I started out that way too. At first I LOOKED just fine. And God above, would people get nasty about it. You should have seen how they acted just when I got arthritis at age 8. Way before all the other extra serious stuff.

It makes me do evil thoughts at them: like wishing them just one week inside a body like this, just one average week. Not even a bad one - just *regular.*

Mean, huh? But the punishment fits the crime.