Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wish me Luck

And now, I must gird my loins for a short but dangerous journey. Despite our best efforts, two prescriptions remained unfilled over at Sam's last week. I must have them, and it happens to be one of those times when there's no one much in town to do this for me. And...for another reason, it must be me. In person. I'll explain that one once I'm safe at home again.

While the worst of the gangreney crisis has passed, I'm not out of the woods yet. Too much exertion can ramp it back up in a heartbeat. In fact, it's famous for that. I'll be convalescing slowly for at least a couple weeks as it is. I'm doing that fevery shakey sweaty trembly thing, of course; I don't mind it really, as relieved as I am about the leg.

But I'd rather not be doing this trip just now. I'm certainly not strong enough yet. Must needs.

Prioritize. First: Sam's. Then, if I can still drive safely, I'll pass by Walmart coming home. There I'll load up on my poison of choice, Sprite Zero - I'm completely out of it. If I can still drive safely after that, I'll pass by kmom's condo, and pick up another gallon of my frozen home-squeezed Florida OJ, stashed in her freezer against any incoming hurricanes.

These two stops should be doable, since I'll be going right past them anyway. Can I walk from car to scooter? From car to condo? I'll need to walk around 50-150 feet at Walmart, and 50 feet at kmom's.

As always, I have my two canes. I'll have my cell phone, with certain neighbors' numbers in it should I have to ditch the car and call for a driver. Oh - cash for a cab, too, just in case.

Send me all possible luck, okay?


Livey said...

Dammit woman you scare me! Wish you lived closer to me!

k said...

I have this fantasy, if I ever get really really really bad, of you being the one to take care of me.

Me, I'd have the best helper in the world. You, you'd never have me pull an old lady stunt on you.

Livey said...

I would love to!

k said...

Except for one thing: The heat and humidity down here would just crush you. The only exception would be during one of our worst *cold snaps.* Like, down to the 60's in the day, and maybe as low as the mid 40's at night. And dry.

Even our real for real *best winter weather in the world* would probably be a bit much for you.

This just breaks my effin heart.

I still want to get you down here sometime. But for sure, it'd have to be deep winter. Say January, like that.

And I'm still dubious about exposing my germs to anyone at all.