Friday, November 10, 2006


Night before last, it got down to 65 degrees! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

I did the only sensible thing, which was to dig out a blanket, huddle underneath it, and go back to sleep. I've been sleeping and sleeping anyway, about 18 hours a day. All that activity Monday and Tuesday - going to Sam's for a prescription pickup, then voting the next day - just wore me to a frazzle.

It was supposed to warm up a little. In fact, when I woke up again this morning, it was 70, not 65.

But...I guess I hit my limit.

I couldn't take this horrible cold any more. I really couldn't.

So...I splurged on some heat.


Later today it'll be in the low 80's again. Till then, at least my toes aren't frozen any more.


Livey said...

Um. Click on my weather link on my blog. It's snowing like a bitch here. That should make you feel warmer!
Btw, I scarfed some bandaids and shit for ya yesterday ;)

prettylady said...

Gracious. I was just rhapsodizing about how unseasonably sunny and warm it is, here--the radio said it was 56! I have the windows open!

k said...



Wut am i gunna DO wit yoo, gurl?

I need to frame that info in some manner I can accept. (thinking,,,thinking,,,)

Okay. Considering you were in the process of getting not one not two but ***10*** tender neck nerves first probed, then test-jolted, then FRIED, all without anesthetic, I can pretend that this band-aid swiping business was an exercise in diverting your attention from the tortures at hand.

Okay. I think that'll work.

I hope you're RESTING now!

And staying warm, too.

k said...

Yes, and I saw it was in the 70's on your Pub Day? I used to exult in those rare days, back when I lived in the Frozen Tundra.

I have this awful feeling that the same snowstorm that's eaten Minnesota, and now Wisconsin, is headed your way...

So enjoy it while you can.

And when it's gone? You all, always, have my profound sympathies.

pepektheassassin said...

65 degrees sounds WARM to me! I think that was our HIGH today. Tomorrow the high should be about 45 degrees, with rain and/or snow.... I went out and did yard stuff, pulled weeds, planted some desert lilies for next year. Now I am starting to get stiff and sore.

btw, my granddaughter, Bookworm, is RAISING a WORM, feeding it etc for a school project. I told her all about you!

Livey said...

Oh I scarfed em before the procedure. As soon as I opened the cabinet to put my clothes in there I saw a whole bunch and swiped em all!
Um.. I was just thinking of ya gf! Got some 4x4's too. and some alcohol wipes. Tried to get the nurses to give me one of those ear thermometers. But they were being stingy.

k said...

Oh, then they must have known, somehow, that I already had my ear thermometer! I think some nurses have Special Powers.

Now that's some great opportunitic scarfing, there. It doesn't always happen that they leave you alone with supplies behind a closed door! Cool.

I hope you're feeling better. You sound a little more lively.

k said...

Oh, Pepek, this is very exciting news! Has she identified it? I take it the worm in question is a caterpillar? Worms and caterpillars are entirely different, but of course people love to call caterpillars *worms.*

How old is she? You have enough grands that I get them confused.

I am SO proud of her! Send her over for a peek if she likes. With any luck I'll have some fresh pix up in a day or two.

Kenny said...

We are looking at rain and snow tonight. The dog's water dish has a layer of ice. 65 degrees I would be in shorts and running around barefoot

pepektheassassin said...

k, I DREAMED about you last night! I don't know how I knew it was you, but I talked a lot, and I RECOGNIZED your voice! LOL!!!

Her new pet is a mealworm. Getting big and fat, she says. She is 10, and I intend to introduce the two of you. I will show her your pictures next time she comes over!

k said...

Kenny, I remember doing that too. In fact, I remember many times walking barefoot on snow to the end of the driveway to get the mail. If it was in the low 30's or high 20's it was something I didn't think that much about. I mean, beyond the fact that I always hated cold - just really hated it. Perhaps I was flipping it the bird when I did that.

pepek, that is too funny! Now I'm just dying to know if my real voice will match your dream version. One of my more distant future plans is to do some podcasting or something like that - with a voice? Of course since it goes all over the place, it'll be interesting. The talk a lot bit is right on target. ;-)

Hmmm. Did I do anything I should know about in this dream?!? hee hee!

A mealworm! Big and fat is excellent. Good health to the little critter! I think this is the grand with the beautiful dark wavy hair, round face, dimpled cheeks, and intelligent expression? They're all so good-looking that saying so is no clue.

Oh! And Kenny and pepek, I thought you two knew each other from before! I mean, both from Utah, so forth...I LOVE the internet!

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

It starts to get cold here in Egypt too, but we don't have snow though. But in 1989 it actually snowed here in Cairo. When people woke up in the morning they got scared to death...They believed The Day of Judgement had arrived.They didn't dear to go to work or send the children to school. They had never seen snow before.

k said...

kirsten, that's amazing. We got snow here in South Florida once in the 1970's. People didn't know what to do! Everything stopped - cars, buses.

I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for 3 1/2 years too. One year we had both snow and record-breaking cold, and people there didn't know what to do, either. At least the children knew: for about a day they had enough snow to make snowmen and snowballs. Since the whole city shut down and schools let out, the kids had a wonderful time playing in the snow all day. It was a magical time.

But for the adults? They didn't understand what freezing weather does to water pipes, and many had no heating in their houses. They didn't understand you have to turn on the water and let it run, slowly, to keep the pipes from freezing.

Almost every single house's water pipes froze and broke. The damage was so extensive there were not enough plumbers to fix it. For months and months you could still hear the sound of water gushing out of broken pipes, all over the city.

shokupanmanbo said...

Bookworm says, "Hi!" And she waved. And we looked at your pictures and read about your caterpillers. Hers is healthy and good-lookin'!.

Yes, she's my only girl grand! She is impressed with \your babies....

Desert Cat said...

Out in the country away from the "heat island" effect of Tucson, the temperature drops amazingly fast as soon as the sun sets.

I was up at 5:30 AM, pre dawn, walking under the quarter moon and the stars. It was *quite* cool, maybe 38-40 degrees.

Within ten minutes of the sun rising, the temperature had jumped twenty degrees. By midafternoon today I was too hot.

That's what no humidity will do.

k said...

Twenty degrees in ten minutes?

Our biggest spread between high and low daily temps is around fifteen degrees. Often it's around ten or twelve.

Like now? We're into a lows in the high 60's, highs in the high 70's or low 80's. Typical winter weather here.

And we make fun of ourselves for turning on the heat in the morning and the A/C in the afternoon.

It wasn't NEARLY any 38-40!

That, BTW, is NOT cool.

That is COLD.

k said...

Hi Bookworm! Welcome aboard. I'm so glad you liked my babies. They are so beautiful to me, both as caterpillars and as adults.

Do you have a website or anyplace you post pix of your mealworm? If so, please let me know. I'd love to watch it grow up.

PS - Excellent name. I'm a bookworm too.

pepektheassassin said...

Bookworm's worm's name is Digger. He is as brown as the Wheaties he eats. He also has an apple slice. I should have taken a camera with me last night! But he is well-hidden in his Wheaties...he wears his camouflage suit....

k said...

Digger! Another excellent name! I googled a little about mealworms last night and read about the apple slice, but couldn't find a reason why. Does he grow up to be a beetle?

All snuggled into his Wheaties - it's such a cozy image.