Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Brief Scooter Update

Today we spent researching and scooter shopping, and wore ourselves out.

But I think we've found the right one. The maker is *Pride Mobility Products,* and the type is called a Go Go Ultra.


Although I must say, I test rode it, and it really does Go.

Tomorrow, Walter will see about a hitch and platform for the Saturn. It looks doable, but barely. Apparently it'll be a bit complicated, and thus, unfortunately, cost a bit more. But I think we can swing the whole package.

I'm sorry to have so little to tell you just now! I'm falling on my face tired. Tomorrow I'll be rested and Walter's doing the car thing without me - which is how I always prefer that sort of thing! - so it looks like I'll finally have some time to bring everyone up to speed.

Now I'm off to sleep like a rock.


Desert Cat said...

Like this one.

k said...

DC, you RAWK!

That site you found has the almost same scooter - but a slightly updated version - and for $795 instead of the $850 Chair Care Plus listed.

AND! They have a local store, in Hollywood. A somewhat farther drive, but not bad at all. They carry far more brands than Chair Care. So it's most definitely worth a trip there to have a look.


(falling all over myself with glee!!!)