Monday, November 20, 2006

First Things First: Please Send Your Prayers/Good Wishes/Healing Energies to Nancy

Nancy, of Nancy's Garden Spot, is in the hospital.

Four days ago, she went in with some disturbing symptoms. They found both a pulmonary embolism, and a blood clot in her leg.

Either one of these conditions can quickly be fatal.

She already has spinal stenosis and is losing her ability to get around. Recently, her neurologist determined she wasn't going to get any better, and she's now *officially* disabled. She lives in constant pain that's not readily treatable. She's working on getting a motorized wheelchair of her own, and has run into some of the same awful delays and paperwork snafus I have.

This is a woman whose beautiful and creative garden has delighted so many of us - and in order to weed that garden, she has to lay completely down on the ground.

Which she does. Cheerfully. She says everyone needs a Crazy Neighbor so she'll be *It.*

She's the one who's been teaching me important things about my diabetes. That's why I said, *Nancy, I'm eating my protein!* in that crab leg post below. Without her, I probably wouldn't have gotten the ambition up to contact my insurance company and have someone come out to teach me how to use my diabetes testing kit.

I know she can get email on her cell phone, but I'm not sure if this racks up her bill into the millions - even us Technically Challenged hear the rumors, at least! - so I'm trying to find out, and let you know. I do know she can't get into the 'sphere where she is.

So please, if you would, send her all the prayers and/or good wishes and/or positive vibes - whatever you like the best - send her all that you can.

This is a wonderfully sweet, smart, brave, funny woman. I hope so much she gets better and makes it home soon.


Livey said...

She should have given you the keys to her blog, you said it so much better than I ever could!

k said...

HA! Not hardly.

Besides, I like that we all did the same thing without knowing it!