Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am a Champion Sleeper

I can take on any one of you, any day, any time, any way, and beat you. Hands down. In any kind of sleeping contest you could possibly devise.

Among my small circle of *physical* (as opposed to virtual) acquaintance, I am justly famous for this.

As they say: It ain't braggin' if ya done it.

Today I slept from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM. And I'm not done yet.

I woke up a couple times, right in time to take my meds, test my sugar, and go back to sleep.

At 7:30, though, I decided to stay conscious till around midnight or so. Then, when I wake up in the morning like *normal* people do, I can call kmom and do that shopping I wasn't up to, today.

Now I see that poor Livey is fixing to put her fist through a wall, hopping mad, and frustrated because when I'm asleep, of course, I don't answer my phone. Good thing too.

I almost called her back the second I woke up. *but Wait!* Livey and I have many twin attributes; one being, we need time to wake up. Lots and lots of it. I didn't want to scare her with my usual lack of coherence before I had my espresso. So I've had to let her suffer another hour and a half.

I read all your comments in the post below, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support. It's precisely the right balm for the kinds of wounds those phone calls made. You folks made me feel better. Not all humans are like those other ones.

And Walter, reading my blog from wherever he is on the road, read them too, and was comforted. When he can't be here to comfort me himself, I think it weighs on him. He tries not to talk about it, but I know this man and I can tell. In his quiet way he is so glad to see I'm not, actually, alone in this.

He doesn't impress easy, BTW. Over time, he's been a bit surprised at the intelligence, knowledge, courtesy, humor, kindness, honesty, and writing skills of my commenters. He's impressed. I reply - nose in air - Of Course.


Livey said...

LOL I was passed out waiting for your return call anyway! Probably a good thing. It was so nice to talk to you last night! You are such a gem!

k said...

I had so much fun! Your voice sounds EXACTLY like you do on your blog. Weird huh?

Now I'm going to bed again. But at least the shopping is done, yay!