Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Feel Like a Little Kid at Christmas!

I just got my care package from Livey.

I must have had ESP or something, because between that package being on its way and LL hitting my button, I just KNEW I could safely use up the last of my paper tape and rolled gauze on my boo-boos today. So I did. And THEN - look what came in the mail! Like two hours later.

Livey must have ESP too. I told her what things I'm missing, stuff my stupid Medicare HMO won't pay for, and then she threw in a few extras. And every single one was something I need.

Like allergy pillow covers. Now how the hell did she know I was totally out of them?!? 8^O !!! This is not the sort of thing most people would dream up. Posted by Picasa

She went shopping some, after I THOUGHT the deal was for *orphaned* supplies only. But she said she didn't spend much. And if the prices I see on a few things are any indication, holy shit, this woman KNOWS how to shop.

Rolled Gauze! Rolled Gauze! Tapes and tapes! Those roll-around type cloths you can use over and over with your 4x4's!!! OMG! I feel like the Queen of Sheba.

The most beautiful BAND-AID COLLECTION!!! Oh, you have NO idea how fast I burn through those things. And there were even the princely big HUGE ones! And the special Big Toe Band-Aids! Those are so cool, I got some when a hurricane log bit my big toe off, and they superglued it back on.

And ointments! See, the more you can confuse that germ array with different types, the better off you are. If you keep using the same kind all the time, they'll figure out a way to resist. Even the so-called *irresistible* ointments. One more reason I did the honey again today, before my package arrived.


It's not just that I can't help being dubious about the safety of all the mercury I've been exposed to, one way or another.

The other thing is, since all I have is that old-time glass mercury thermometer, and since I tend to break things...especially when I'm all feverish and half-delerious...I just KNEW that some day soon, I was going to accidentally bite down on that sucker too hard.

Probably right when I was trying to hobble around on one foot, using two canes, with arthritis in my hands. And head spinning with fever. Which, see, is really not the ideal time to go chasing down those little blobs of mercury. But you already figured that out because who else but a real dumbass would be walking around with a glass thermometer in their mouth in that condition?

OH! *sigh of happiness*

Livey. You're a WONDER.


Livey said...

Oh I know how to shop alright! I went to 3 different dollar stores and bought out all their rolls of gauze. I told you most of it was orphaned, and don't tell anyone, but I swiped some bandaids from the hospital a few times ;)
The next time one of those ear thermometers goes on sale I'm getting you one!
Hell, the shipping was just as much as I paid for the few things I bought!

prettylady said...

Hooray Livey!

Cindi said...

Awww, this post made me smile big time. Livey, that was a wonderful thing to do. K, when you need more of the gauze and tape, let me know. Since I work in a hospital I might be able to buy it at cost from our materials mgmt. dept. I have been able to buy hospital cleaning supplies and Ensure drinks (for my Grandma)
at cost, so maybe I would be able to do the same with gauze and tapes.

LL said...

Livey IS pretty awesome.

k said...

Ain't she JUST!

Cindi, that's a wonderful idea. I'm checking into some other sources right now and I'll see if they pan out. If not, I may be getting back to you on a purchase. That's very decent of your employer, too.

Livey, I do the same thing with the bandaids! Except I'm not quick enough on my feet to just swipe on my own any more. Now I have to wait till a nurse is alone in the room with me, and ask if THEY will swipe bandaids FOR me. They almost always hand me at least a few.