Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's All Over but the Mopping Up

Remember back in the day, when you'd get a 45 rpm *short version* of a song, as opposed to the *long version* available on the LP record?

JUST in case you hadn't seen enough of this...Yes indeed, that there is my Thanksgiving turkey. A big hulking 20 pounder, no less.

If you see any funny looking bumps, that's a clove of garlic under its skin.

There was a time I said, --Can't have *too much garlic.* It's a contradiction in terms.-- Then one day I finally used too much in something. Can't remember what it was. Anyway, I don't say that any more.

Still eat it by the fistful, though. Posted by Picasa

Then there's that very last pan that hangs around waiting to get scrubbed clean. This one wasn't from turkey but from beef stew.

I'm ever so fond of Alternative Uses of Tools. Now that I don't use *no-stick* pans any more, I can use paint scrapers again. Works great. Total time to clean this pan, start to finish after soaking? Less than 2 minutes.

And just WHY, you may ask, am I bothering all y'all with TURKEY stuff when you've moved on to back-to-work drudgery, or the next holiday and all its attendant duties and fun?

Because these Thanksgiving pix weren't brought to you by me. They were brought to me by you.

I couldn't have done this without all of you who so generously gave of your wallets and your hearts to the *k Scooter Project.*

See, there's no other way I could have cooked Thanksgiving dinner without being able to walk.

Walter watched me bopping happily around the kitchen cooking, and he fondly - and correctly - observed, --You're gonna be sick for a week, you know.-- He was grinning his special Walter grin at me.

--Yup!-- I replied, grinning back.

He was right, of course. All that scooter shopping and then cooking wore me to a nub. And I couldn't be more thrilled.

The one and only drawback is, writing the Longer Playing version of my *Thank You* post is slow going just now. I keep sleeping and sleeping instead.

Soon enough I'll slowly work my way out of my cocoon like my little io moths, and post the long version. When it's ripe.

Until then I didn't want to let one more minute go by without thanking each and every one of you who gave, whether it was funds, or your moral support in blog posts and comments and emails and a phone call, or just your unspoken good wishes. All those things - not just my beautiful new scooter, but the moral support too - have given me a boost of strength and happiness far deeper than you may ever know.

I'm trying really hard not to get all mushy on ya again. Really hard.

So for now, just...thank you.




Sassy Sistah said...

I'm so glad you could cook Thanksgiving dinner, k. Having had my doubts that I could do the same, I think I understand how much that meant. I'm just so thankful that this all worked out for you - being able to get the scooter and be mobile again. Thinking of you and Walter...take the time to rest up now!

Livey said...

I'm so happy to help! Your joy is my christmas present from you for the rest of my life! Love ya!

Nancy said...

That looks like a dang good turkey.

Rest, then regale us with the good stuff you're doin' now..

Lubs ya


pepektheassassin said...

:D Looks good, the scooter, the turkey, the moths!

I no longer use non-stick pans...since teflon fumes killed my lovebird last year, and I threw everything, EVERYTHING, away and bought stainless steel. Teflon is not healthy for birds (or other living creatures).

Sleep well.

Jean said...

Great to hear you sooooo happy!
Take care of yourself.

k said...

See, this is exactly why you guys make me get all mushy.

Blows my image, there.

Livey said...

ya know, that turkey kinda looks like a pig. At least to me when I don't have my glasses on ;)

k said...

Well he probably WAS a pig. Got up to 20 pounds, my lord! This was the only time ever I asked Walter to fetch that sucker in and out of the oven. Every single time he got basted or poked or what have you.

mmmm...now you're making me think, Pork roast! YUM!

Nancy says eat more protein.

She is SO smart! I better listen to her, huh?