Sunday, November 26, 2006

Male Io Moths

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Livey said...

Hey those bandages look familiar! LOL
You grew moths just so you could post their funny looking pics didn't you?
You are one weird chic! ;)
Love ya! Hehe

pepektheassassin said...

Weird is good. Our pupae Digger has not hatched yet. Whatever he is, he will not be very big....but then, all the rest of the family are not very big either. You remember what they say about 'small packages?'

pepektheassassin said...

And, your Io is gorgeous!

k said...

Yeah, Livey, I was laughing about those bandages. A HUGE mess has accumulated on my workstation. HUUUUGE!

and now, NOW, I am scootering it all away in its proper places as we speak!

Well SURE I love to grow bugs to take their pix. ?!? Doesn't everyone?

Plus, it's really fun feeding them. When the little ones run out of fresher leaves and are hungry they'll start to eat an older dried up leaf, I leave them in there for cover for them. Then I start to hear this funny clicking sound, or crunching...and I know I better scooter out the front door and grab a fresh tender leaf.

So I do and I drop in in there. NUM NUM NUM!!! they come and find the edge of the leaf. They always want to chew from the edge. Very important to them.


Pepek, I had no idea when these would hatch. Do you know when Digger is supposed to come out? Or is it another *wait and see* situation?

It's been very cold here - warm at Livey's, it's an El Nino thing - and I wondered if they would have hatched yet if I'd left them outside.

And...thank you. (proud mama blush) Of course I think they're gorgeous, but then, they're mine so of course I would...

Granny J said...

Don't believe I mentioned that your young 'uns are quite beautiful! I've only seen one of these guys with the eyes once--and that one was H*U*G*E