Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mix With Care

Fold In Gently
Or, as the case may be, drag to the street.

Prepare for Car
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Bungie Up
Be sure to hide from cops!


Granny J said...

Hey -- I didn't thank you for helping me get to the hoo-ri-cane pix! So thanks very much. All the years we lived in Jax, I heard all those hoo-ri-cane warnings on the radio, wondered about those exotic, faraway places (Punta Gorda, Cape Hatteras) where storms put in and left the land, and waited for a storm to hit Jax. No such luck. In the 40 years my parents lived there, only one real hoo- ri-cane, which left them cooking steaks nightly on the ourdoor grill.

k said...

The smell of barbecues going after the hurricanes is etched in my memory forever! And of course, if you have any significant amount of meat in your freezer, and no power for days and days, you're cooking away to beat the band.

I'm never sure if I should say *sorry you missed them.*