Saturday, November 18, 2006



This is significantly bigger than the last crab leg. Almost twice as big.

There must be a good three quarters of a pound of meat in that sucker. Or a half pound anyway.

Sam's didn't have the littler claw legs yesterday.

Think I can eat the whoooole thing?


See? ALL gone!

And a nice caramelized onion for dessert.

These are MRE's, to me. Like instant, no-work type food. Boil some water, stick the crab leg in there for a bit, nuke a little bowl of whipped butter - yes, it must be whipped, the unwhipped butter is only for baking here in k's kitchen - and there's your dinner. (Nancy! I'm eating my protein here!)

Now please don't get me wrong: you can eat any kind of butter type thing you like. Or none at all. Have at it, seriously. I'm just stating what my own preference is. I really dislike food police.

My sole point is this: be happy in your food choices. You can do that and be healthy in those choices, too. For real.

Okay. The onion?
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Since I can't much do the occasional stirring at the stove - not to mention, we don't always like to heat our houses with an hour of stovetop cooking down here - well, recently, I learned how to nuke it instead.

Take that big huge onion, peel, chop (very coarse and sloppy is all you need) and put in a glass bowl with a little salt and olive oil. Cover with plastic wrap or not - I usually do for the first nuke, then remove it. In my microwave it works good by going for 13 minutes, stir, then 8 minutes, stir, then 3 or 4 minutes. Meanwhile, of course, I'm doing other important things. Like eating a crab leg.

That big huge onion melts down to a little tiny bit in the end. It's cute. It doesn't get as brown as it does when I do it on the stovetop. But it's actually even sweeter, and much easier to keep it from burning, using the nuker. Oh, SO tasty!

I really love good food.


Kenny said...

Looks good, when is dinner?

k said...

It was last night. You JUST missed it!


Tomorrow night is probably beef stew night. We're getting this horrible cold snap and it's going to get down to like 60 degrees or maybe 55!!! So I'll do some of the house-warming type cooking.

And...hmmm. Either broccoli or asparagus or an artichoke. I'll decide when I wake up.

Vegetable salad for lunch etc., like always.

Maybe fresh bread too. I feel a baking binge coming on.

Come on DOWN!

Livey said...

Oh we are so cosmicly connected! I had shrimp and fried potatoes and onions last night! LOL

k said...

Ha! I WANTED a potato, just even a little bitty red one, but my BS was a little high so I didn't.

I LOVE those things. Nuke 'em, boil 'em, whatever, I love potates, red ones the best.

kirsten namskau said...

Very interesting menu... Onion for dessert.

pepektheassassin said...

Zounds wonderful! I had baked crab yesterday that was so yumm=o (as Rachel Ray would say). My daughter-in-law took me to lunch at Z's Mandarin as payment for tending Starfish.

How's the sore leg???

pepektheassassin said...

ps Is kmom in sight? When is she coming?

Livey said...

Red potatoes are the only ones I'll eat!

k said...

Livey, me too! :-O !!!

Kirsten, some people say I have unusual taste in food. To me it seems perfectly normal of course! For dinner I may have a big bowl of broccoli or an artichoke. I love vegetables. My friend Nancy in Texas has been helping me with my new diabetes and said, Try more protein. So I did, and it works, my blood sugar comes down.

I don't eat many sweets like cake and candy, so things like fruit and that onion taste very sweet to me. *Caramelized* onion is a regular onion cooked very long and slow until it's brown and very soft and very sweet. Some *fry cooks* can do it fast, they call that *grilled onion,* but I burn it that way.

It tastes like heaven to me, and it's very healthy and low-calorie, and belongs to my very important Basic Food Group called *Onions and Garlic.* ;-) I have another one called *Cheese Food Group.*

pepek, I was hoping I might have some crab left over for something, maybe in a sauce over pasta...but I have to buy a LOT of crab if I want any leftovers!
Was Starfish staying with you for a while? I was wondering if you maybe had some family thing going on.

kmom is here right now and took me shopping Friday, thank goodness. She didn't mind a bit, she's a very nice lady, but it's very hard for me to ask for help. But I did it.

Now she comes here every other week until Feb. or March to treat her Seasonal Affective Disorder. She flies in on Tuesday and leave the following Monday night.

Poor Mr. Foot! It looks like he's taken some permanent new damage, because the pain isn't really improving any more. I can't walk much at all and maybe that won't change either. Thus the Scooter War. I sort of take the weekend off and have fun, then I'll get back to war on Monday.

But! I heard some EXCELLENT news late last night! Post to follow!

Desert Cat said...

Hello people! The cat is out of the bag. Let's make it happen.

Thank you all so much! :-)

Jean said...

DC, you are one really good person!

pepektheassassin said...

Who? Who? Who let the cats out?....