Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thank You, LL!

Posted by Picasa I went out again this morning. And this time I asked for help, all along the way.

At Walmart I got a scooter in the parking lot, just by luck, from another customer who was leaving. So I only walked a couple of steps.

At Penn-Dutch I walked about 75' into the store.

At Sam's I had to walk about 100.'

At all three, I took the scooter out to the car when I was done. Which at THAT Sam's, is Not Allowed. And a nice guy who lassoes up empty carts in the parking lot came out and put everything in the car for me. Which I say *yes* to like once a year.

Each stop was brief. And again, I'm very well stocked. Now I've got my pain patch refill, too.

And just IMAGINE what I saw, for the very first time, at Sam's: a nice ear thermometer for less than $17!!! I cannot believe this! I don't think I've ever seen one less than about $35!

Now I have THREE thermometers. One ultra lightweight one went promptly into my purse. The beautiful little digital one will now go in my nightstand. The ear one will sit here by the computer with me. This means something that sounds small but isn't: I can keep track of my temp without walking for the thermometer, or if I'm out somewhere and wondering if the fever is ramping up.

The old mercury thermometer is already in the crate with the dead batteries, waiting until I'm up to going to the Saturday Hazardous Household Materials dump up on Powerline.

Not to mention, I actually beat Livey this time! And folks, you gotta be quick on the draw to do that! (*smug smug*)

Little things can make such a big difference in a person's life. These thermometers came to me by way of LL's Virgin Button Hit and Livey's Big Care Box.

the BEST!

Here's a cute little blurb on the digital thermometer's pack:

*-Safe to Use--Eliminates any danger of swallowing broken glass or mercury.*




Livey said...

Well I guess I'll take back the one I bought you today! LOL Btw, it would have been $15 with the rebate.
But I'm glad you got one now and that you got a perverse pleasure out of beating me to it! hehe.

k said...


LL said...

Glad to be of help. Sometimes it's the littlest things that make our day and you've made my day by buying something you could REALLY use and getting such pleasure from buying it. *hug*

k said...

Oh, it's great! Such a splurge, and one I've wanted for a very long time.