Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Those Important Details

Here's the dashboard. On the lower right is the speed knob. That's fun. It's on *medium slow* in the pic. Can you see the little figures and an arrow above it? The left figure is a tortoise, for *slow.* The right figure is a rabbit, a hare, for *fast.* Cute, huh?

This class of scooter generally goes 4 to 4.5 miles per hour. The store scooters go around 2 MPH I think. (argghhh!)

Yes. That scooter's blue. GrannyJ was campaigning for R.E.D. She loves red. Luckily, she said she wouldn't shoot me if I got blue. As a compromise she suggested purple. But they don't seem to come in purple.

On the back of the seat hangs a little zippered bag. I love that. I need that. It looks like just the right size for...

The charger. That sucker's a BIG one. Probably for that supercharged 17 amp battery pack!

But I'm too tired to see if it fits, for tonight. Tomorrow I can play with it.
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And we mustn't forget that all-important Cupholder!

kmom, did you see this?

(cupholders being a major decision criterion in purchasing a car.)

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