Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Nancy said...

Looks like Walter ended up exactally where he needed to be, with the precise team of people he needed to help him.

Jean said...

Here's to complete healing!

Moobear said...

Hi k,
Here I sit wearing a heart monitor and for two days I been thinking this was a big bag of rice like my chinese dil keeps an extra bag of.Chinese can't run outta rice, ya know.
Sorry, but since I know now what it is, that is spendid and a great idea.
I wish Walter the very best. And you too, take care of yourself.

k said...

I still haven't gotten over my amazement at how everything worked out.

moobear, welcome! Now if Walter didn't have that pillow I wonder if a bag of rice would do the trick? He's not Chinese but then he'd only be hugging it, not eating it, so even if he were Chinese he wouldn't have to worry about running out.


It looks like the monitor isn't your first go-around with these heart issues. I hope it helps them figure out what's wrong and fix it up good for you.

Sometimes I purposely don't listen to all the gory details of what's going on with me, either. I get around to it in the end, but there is such a thing as TMI, you know? Then it's a good idea to take a vacation from hearing about it all.

Y'all come back now, hear? And you take care of your own self, too.