Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

I guess you can tell we're not out partying for New Year's Eve.

I used to call this Amateur Night.

Sometimes I stay up late to watch the Times Square ball drop. Sometimes I don't.

Like on the 4th of July, I'm tempted to be a killjoy on the subject of illegal fireworks and shooting the moon. So I think I'll stay away from all that, for now.

And just wish the world joy, instead.

An end.

New beginnings.


Nancy said...

Our neighbors are shooting fireworks. They'll be at it until after 2 am if the past is any indication.

Brain dog used to bark at them. I think he was yelling at them to quit it... I'm missing that dog.

Chucker's is just chillin'.

Hope you and Walter are doing well,


Cindi said...

Happy New Year to you and Walter!

I love the picture of Walter's hand on yours. It made me go "awwwww"!

LL said...

Happy New Year, hon.

pepektheassassin said...

Joy to you, too, my friend!

John P. McCann said...

Happy darn New Years!

Best to Walter. As you know, that smoking thing is tough. I still think about it and I'm running a marathon in two weeks.

Joy sends her love.

Jean said...

May 2007 be a VAST improvement over '06 for you and Walter.
Happy New Year!

Mickysolo said...

Happy New Year. All three children and both grandchildren were in town. Being together was celebration in itself.

DNR said...

Belated Happy New Year!! Thanks for visiting my blog. (some time ago, I am very behind) I hope you have a wonderful 2007.

k said...

Thank you everyone! The fireworks finally stopped, as they generally do.

And we're hoping this year won't have quite so many disasters. However, one doesn't like to say that out loud in case of jinxing one's chances.

I'm glad y'all liked that pic down there. Walter now has it for wallpaper on his laptop.

John, I still get cigarette dreams sometimes. Had one just the other night. Joy, of course, had the good sense never to start. I hope she's over her bug.

I saw that several of you had most excellent New Year's and holidays in general. Lots of great fambly stuff, and/or good quiet time. I liked reading that. I needed to read that!!!

dnr, welcome. Around me you don't ever need to be concerned about being behindish. As you can see from these dates here...!