Friday, December 01, 2006

He's Staying Put

Thank you all for your concern and good wishes and comments. Hearing how many people have had heart attacks and stents and bypasses really surprised me. The results all sound positive, too. I think about other blogs where people are having back trouble, and they get a lot of comments about how the shots or the surgery or whatever didn't help them, or sometimes that it made them worse.

We've talked him into staying there for the surgery. kmom actually got a ticket change, leaving here tomorrow evening instead of Tuesday evening, and they didn't even charge for the ticket change! Walter's scheduled for surgery Monday morning. kmom will drive out there on Sunday and stay until after the surgery is over.


He has his laptop back now too. One of the other company drivers came out to move the rig, and I think it was him who brought Walter his computer.

Just now, I sent off an express mail package to him: it had his cell phone charger, the one for the wall rather than cig lighter. He left so quickly after Thanksgiving, he not only forgot his turkey and other food supplies, he forgot his cell phone charger. That means he can't call out. The phone in his room doesn't go out long distance, so we can only talk to him when we call him. Drives him nuts.

I included six romance books I just got at the thrift store. Walter likes reading those romance novels. Probably tomorrow he'll be a happier camper.

More details tomorrow too I think. Right how I'm falling on my face with exhaustion.

But things are definitely looking up.


Nancy said...

I'm glad.

keep thinking good thoughts.. and watch your blood sugar levels.. stress can affect them too.

Livey said...

Yeah what Nancy said!
Hey gimme Walters email addy and I'll send him some jokes. Or pics of naked ladies, that oughta get his heart pumping huh?
Prayers still coming.
Hang in there honey, I'd call ya but don't want to disturb your sleeping. Call me if you need to talk.
Love ya!

pepektheassassin said...

I included Walter's name on the prayer roll in the temple this morning, so if prayers help, he's well-represented from one end of the country to the other!

k said...

Thank you, from me and Walter too. I think he's a little tickled at being prayed over. He's not all that religious or spiritual, either one, but he certainly has some feelings that way...and it looks to me like all of it, prayers formal and not, are doing him some good.