Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's Aaaaaaaalll Good

Walter's coming home.

I sent Horacio and Danny off tonight on their journey to go get Walter. It's 1040 miles away, and they'll probably arrive tomorrow night. They can stay in the hospital itself for $30, or at any number of reasonable motels close by.

On Sunday they'll swoop in and grab my guy, and all go out to the rig. Danny and Horacio will empty it out and load Walter's things into their big giant pickup truck.

And bring him and his stuff on home.

With any luck, I'll see him Monday night. And every night after that for the next three months.

Me, I'm fine. It was a long and tiring day. I feel a little sickish and fevery but the antibiotics are already doing their job, and the redness is going down a bit.

The largest chunk of logistics is over. Walter didn't need any intermediate rehab facility, so he's going straight from discharge to home. Yesterday they pulled his last two tubes, chest tubes, and that was extremely unpleasant for him. See, they were supposed to do it on Wednesday during the pacemaker surgery. But they forgot. So he had them pulled without benefit of all the novocaine and such he was full of on Wednesday.

Poor guy. Those suckers hurt. This was the only screwup I've heard about, so I'll forgive them. Of course, it's not my chest tubes that got so rudely yanked.

That's all for now. Time to rest, and I'll fill you in on all the gory details asap.


pepektheassassin said...

When one of my little grandsons had to have his poor little head cut open across the top in a zig-zag so they could pull back the skin from his little forehead and clar around the back to break and reposition the fused bones in his baby skull (this was a year ago last June--he was six months old, and had a condition called craniosystenosis) they put a huge tube into his head for drainage, and on the third day after his surgery, the doctor came in and--to our horror--suddenly and without any anesthetic or warning--yanked that sucker tube out! We all gasped, and that poor baby cried and cried. I guess it was akin to yanking off a bandaid fast. But I was so mad.

So glad all Walter's tubes are out and he coming home soon! You will have a good Christmas, and a nice three-months together: New Years, Valentines Day....

Our baby's fine now, his head looks great and the scar is covered with nice blond hair. It won't show until he goes bald....So happy things are looking good for you, too, m'dear!

k said...

Good Lord!

I would have been so angry at that doc I might not have been able to keep my mouth shut. At the very least, he had no business doing such a shocking thing without forewarning the family members present.

I'm so glad the baby's better! Now you know, he could just wait until he goes bald the natural way. But with the perversity of adolescence he may well decide to shave his head just to startle his poor beleaguered parents.

I'm basking in the thought of having Walter here for so long. And under doctor's orders to stay completely away from anything that involves lifting. Meaning, he can't get the guilts over chores around here, left undone. Fine by me!

And I hadn't even thought far enough ahead to realize it's going through Valentine's Day too. Oh sweet! ;-)

Livey said...

OH what a great Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day present for both of you! I'm so relieved!

k said...

Yes yes yea!!! You can call that making lemonade out of lemons, huh? I get 3 months with my sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!