Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Long Road

This is just a part of the long journey from the parking lot to the great doc's office, down in Miami.

I forgot to start at the very beginning: once you actually enter the building and get your pass, the doc's at the very end of a very long hallway.

Being slow on the uptake this day, I started the pix at the front entrance, as I was leaving to go back home.

To my left is the valet parking stand. I can't use that: I can't survive their lingering allergenic scents in my car. I need mental clarity to drive. Neither do I want any germ exchanges going on.

So I've just exited the building, and I'm looking up the first of two long sloping walkways.

I cranked the scooter and zipped on up. Hung a right, got more pix, and zipped on up again.

So far this hasn't even gotten me out of Cedars and into the parking garage.

This shorter passage gets me there.

Posted by PicasaAnyone who parks in the garage has to come to this 3rd floor passage to get to Cedars East. So there's a lot of foot traffic through the yellow lined areas.

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