Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The MRSA Slow Crawl

IF this one's even MRSA, that is.

I'm thinking yes, but not 100% sure this time. The foot, I knew it was. This may be some other kind of infection. I'd put way high probability on something like, bacterial infection in the big red lymph node, progressing up a lymphatic vessel and into three other lymph nodes. Lymphangitis and lymphadenitis, those are called.

But...maybe not MRSA. Maybe a strep infection instead of a staph infection, something like that.

It grew so little overnight that only one of the three small lumps went outside the pen line.

That's not a flash. Not like the foot, moving throughout the entire left leg in less than 48 hours.

This here's just a slow crawl.
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Exactly what I was hoping for.

So tomorrow, I go to the research scientist for *a* biopsy. I have maybe 5 different kinds of lumps in that arm, so if I catch him in the right mood, maybe I can get him to biopsy all of them. He did one type before, and cultured it for mycobacteria. Those are notoriously difficult to grow. He got nothing. Hopefully that means it's not a myco after all - since that could be something awful like tuberculosis or leprosy.

--But!-- you protest. If not a myco...what is it? (play some mystery music here.)

It's something not boring.

Maybe I can get an answer or two from this episode. If it flashes and I have to run out to the ER, the chances of an answer are actually much less. The ER people don't do biopsies.

So I'm quite pleased with my own health stuff today.

Okay! I'm done. Now back to Walter.


Desert Cat said...

Yeep! Good you're going in tomorrow, but why they made you wait...?

k said...

This is one of the few times I didn't agree with the ID doc. I would have slapped it upside the noggin with antibiotics ASAP.

But that can interfere with a culture. I'm not sure what all her reasoning was. She squeezed me in Monday on the way out the door, no time for many questions.

I probably could have gone to Miami today if I'd explained to the bigshot doc's office that I needed that biopsy stat. But after Monday, doing a doctor day, a few stops for short errands, and waiting to hear about Walter, I needed a *down* day.

Alternating my *physical energy use* days with *sit and rest* days is even more important than before.

So I just try to stay calm about it and accept it, take control where appropriate, and git 'er done sloooow.

Ah, I used to be so very quick!...

Livey said...

Hang in there honey, still praying for you guys.