Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Caution: Icky Boo Boo!

Not aGAIN!

And this one is entirely my own fault.

A scraper is NOT a pair of pliers. (note to self: repeat after me...)


If it looks like I'm using my swearing finger at that bloody paper towel, I probably am.

Gee. THIS looks familiar. Posted by Picasa

And once again, I'm lusting after their bandaging collection...


pepektheassassin said...


prettylady said...

Okay, if you're able to operate a camera while bleeding, I assume you're not bleeding to death. :-)

Good to have you back.

Livey said...

How are you doing on supplies? Do you need more? I got more.

Jean said...

Damn good info here, k!

Hope that cut is healing well.