Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dr. Superglue Saves the Day!

A nice clean place indeed.

And there's the culprit. That damn scraper. And the WHOLE time I was using it, I was telling myself, k, this is NOT a pair of pliers, and the Right Tool is sitting not fifteen feet away, and...and then it slipped, and while it didn't hit the bone, it was certainly deep enough to want a Pro.

Who turned out to be the very same Dr. Superglue who superglued my big toe back on, and put a couple stitches in my pinkie after the boogie bit it!

He came in all cheerful yet professional, as always, and glued Mr. Finger back on.

And when I couldn't remember when my last tentanus shot was, ordered one up.

The nice nurse told me they don't use horse serum for them any more, yay! Hell, if I'd known that, I'd have gotten up to date WAY more recently.

She said she hasn't seen one allergic reaction since they changed the formula. Still, she waited with me for a few minutes just in case. We had a nice chat about MRSA and how many of us who are colonized don't pass it to our spouses, including her brother-in-law to his wife. Cool trick, huh?

And this time, the ER was so empty, the time from walking in to walking back out was exactly one hour. So...I could go home and make my fried chicken after all.


Nancy said...


No more "make do" with sharp implements!!!

Granny J said...

k ..k .. k !!!

When will you learn,lady! Take care,will ya? I'm afraidthat you'll go running around holding a pair of scissors, fer heavens' sake!

k said...

As I sat here reading your comments and chuckling to myself, Walter said:

*Now if *I* said that to you, you wouldn't be laughing, would you!*

I thought about that for a minute and said:

*Yep. You're right.*

This is why I don't spend NEARLY so much time using my power tools as I used to...

Livey said...

Damn woman be careful!