Saturday, February 24, 2007

Walter's Leaving

He goes back to work Monday or Tuesday.

IMO? This is not a person who's physically ready to return to his job.

He still has significant chest pain, but the doc doesn't think it means anything. Still, Walter has to put on a seat belt and drive a big rig every day. When they crack open your sternum for the open heart surgery, they sort of knit it back together with a titanium mesh. It needs to be flexible so the person can breathe, expanding their lungs and chest in and out. It takes a long time for it to heal. Broken bone that's not totally stabilized grows back together a bit differently than, say, a broken arm in a cast. Wearing a seat belt still hurts him.

He still has significant muscle pain too, from the liver damage caused by the Vytorin. But although the first cardio doc - the idiot - got half hysterical about it and wanted a liver ultrasound, the new doc says it's not a big deal. (The first doc didn't know Walter wasn't going to see him any more, although we'd informed the office several times.)

His pacemaker goes off 15% of the time. The docs say this is actually not bad at all. Still...His heart has been stopping, due to arrhythmia, some 15% each day for a long time. Perhaps this has been since birth. I don't like to think of how many times his heart decided on its own to start beating again...


His next truck is waiting for him in Atlanta, GA. Poor man has to take the bus to get there. I just don't have it in me to drive that far these days. Which half kills me.

But he says he'll be all right. He's been wonderfully cheerful even though I can tell he's in more pain and general sickness than he wants me to see.

Between now and Monday or Tuesday, we'll have no end of running around to do. I hope I'll stay so busy there won't be any time for me to feel scared or sad about his leaving this soon.

I hope.


Jean said...

dear k, my thoughts are with you and Walter. If there is any way I can help... I don't know what to offer, but this is indeed a sincere offer.

pepektheassassin said...

Bless you both!

Cindi said...

I really feel for ya, k. Does he have to be on the road for very long?

Nancy said...

Ahhh K!

Here's hoping Walter does well.


Sassy Sistah said...

It's good to have a few minutes to catch up with you, k. Hope Walter does just fine next week. I'm thinking of you both...your blog gives me hope and courage...not a small thing. Thank you.

prettylady said...

Sending you and Walter all my blessings.

k said...

The kind of help I most need right now is precisely the kind you've just given me.

Thank you, all.

Granny J said...

k -- please accept my love & best wishes for the both of you.

LL said...

K, hang in there. I will keep Walter in my thoughts and prayers that all goes smoothly with his reintroduction to his driving. *hug*

Mickysolo said...

I think you're right. He's probably not ready, but I remember what longing to go back to work is like. I got two new heart valves and later a pacemeker. I'm technically disabled and allowed to earn a limited amount each month. I work 15 hours a week at a local store.

Please tell me about your problems with Vytorin. I take it daily.

Kat said...

YIKES! praying for him.. and you! If he needs ANYTHING while he's here in ATL - just let me know!

Walrilla said...

k, you and Walter will be in our thoughts and prayers, here.


k said...

It's getting a bit...strange. I'll update y'all with a new post.

Cindi, we're going to try to keep his OTR time way lower than it was. I'll fill in the details as soon as I can get myself together!

Mickeysolo, he had one of those *rare but serious* Vytorin side effects you hear on the comnmercials as a disclaimer. Apparently one of them is a powerfully painful muscle and abdomen condition. Terrible, weakening, sickening thing he got, in and out of the ER with it.

Now, usually I surf the heck out of that sort of thing. Google it half to death, become a temporary mini-scholar of it. This time? I decided - despite my love of reality and info - to give it a pass.

So here's a case where I certainly should be able to answer your question, but I really can't.

I'm still hiding.

If I ever come back out I'll let you know.