Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yes. I Am Here.

Between the scraper boo-boo and a series of biopsies and such, my pain control is not adequate this month. I've noticed how ineffective I am under those conditions.

It's not that I can't tough it out. I can do that with the best of them. But when I have to focus so much of my mental, emotional, and physical energy budgets on the stiff upper lip, I am noticeably less productive in other areas.

I did get a small booster amount yesterday, to help tide me over until my usual monthly pain doc appointment on the 22nd. Hopefully, it'll allow me to get some of this logjam of posts and pix out of my brain and computer files and onto the blog pretty soon.

Just wanted to let all y'all know, I'm still here, nothing wrong. And hopefully, better today than I've been the last week or two.

Oh! And I'm still holding steady on my bandaging supplies, thanks to Livey. How cool is that?

Be good, everyone.


Desert Cat said...

Hmph. Spammer. And he didn't even shout "First!!"

Nancy said...


don't like spam. not even on kabobs.

Don't mind me... am in an odd mood today.

Feel better soon,


Jean said...

spammer?.....I missed something.

Well, it's good to know you're pretty much ok... thanks for letting us know and keep taking care.

pepektheassassin said...


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Good to know everything is OK after all...

k said...

Thanks, everyone. I'm holding steady here.

Killed that spammer right OFF. He's dead meat. Got spotted by Desert Cat and Nancy in Mama Bear mode and his days were numbered. ;-)

Livey said...

I have more waiting for you!