Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Nice Walrilla Kind of Day

I could really relate to this post of Walrilla's.

So...after getting all charged up happy with our small accomplishments last Monday, and thinking we'd be jumping out of bed at it again on Tuesday...

we basically did this:

Wake up, read a little in bed, take our meds
Wake up, read a little in bed. take our meds

occasionally interspersed with:
Talk on phone for a minute
Watch some TV


Well...because that little bit of activity Monday had Walter zonked. A situation my rheumatologist calls *Working Unconditioned.* You get up finally feeling better after a long convalescence, and want to hit the ground running. So you do. But your muscles are half-atrophied and not ready for heavy work yet. You're supposed to break them in, do it slowly over several days. Boooorrrrring! So instead, you overdo it, and then you Pay the Price.

Me? I've been way overdoing it, knowing our remaining time together is so limited. I didn't even stop when Poor Mr. Foot started doing his Blue Cantaloupe imitation. Which I really should, because in that condition, permanent scarring can occur.

But bodies being what they are, it made up its own mind, and stopped for me. Whether I agreed or not.

We just crashed and burned. For two days.

That's all right. We'll arise from the wreckage when we're ready to go again. Really and truly this time.

And Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with the most scrumptious bouts of sleeping and snuggling and giggling and purring you could ever imagine...


Jean said...

Tuesday and Wednesday sound absolutely... yummy!

pepektheassassin said...


Anonymous said...

Ah, so there was definitely a silver lining in that cloud..

Walrilla said...

Two days is fun. Two months is enough to drive you stark raving nutters!

Really, the best of wishes for you and Walter. Y'all are in my thoughts constantly.


Cindi said...

"sleeping and snuggling and giggling and purring"...

*happy sigh*

Sassy Sistah said...

My idea of heaven, right there.

I'm glad you and Walter had that time together, k.

k said...

Oh, I eat up those silver linings like a greedy child!...

and you, Walrilla, in ours.