Tuesday, March 13, 2007

See Him Yet?

He's a bit left of center here.

In #2 he's up near the top.

The last two are from January. He's been living in there for a while.

He's not dumb.

He's extremely well camouflaged.

He knows it, too.

Good thing. Cause he's also VERY camera shy.

But he's still my little sweetie.

As long as he stays OUT of the orchid tree.

I'm pretty patient with the needs of my kranch wildlife. But I do get tired of it when the iguanas eat up all my orchid tree flowers. Posted by Picasa


Cindi said...

Wow...such a vibrant green he is!
What is a "kranch"?

k said...

Oh, that's just the k ranch. You know. *Meanwhile, back at the ranch...* I tend to put my stamp on the important things in my tiny life, so I have the kranch, kmom, kdad, ksis, kbro, like that.

But this time I think it was my blogmom Little Miss Attila's commenter [Chicago] Darrell who named the place the kranch. He liked my hurricane live blogs, not to mention the mangoes I grow. Which really are my back fence neighbor Peter's mangoes, or his tree at least. The branch hangs over the fence into my yard, so those mangoes are technically mine.

How's THAT for a concise answer? heh!

Anonymous said...

Now that's pretty cool. The only thing alive in my yard are 2 smelly beagles.

Pretty Lady said...

He's SO CUTE!!!

When I was working as the Information Lady, I once got a call from a lady in Northern California who had discovered an iguana at the top of her pine tree. She wanted to know What That Meant, in a cosmic, esoteric, Jungian and poetic sense.

I spent about half an hour researching the issue, but never came up with a conclusive answer. It was probably my favorite question of all time, though.

Kenny said...

That is very cool. I enojoy stuff like that

k said...

snog dot, funny you should mention those beagles, because kenny there has two cold little dogs out in HIS back yard, too. Give him a click and check it out, it's about 2-3 posts down.

Although Kenny didn't mention if they smell. But one does have a very funny face.

Glad you like my yard wildlife, guys. It truly makes my life wonderful to have it. This is just a small taste of the cuties I get to interact with. I'll keep posting their pix as best I can.

Pretty Lady, this Information Lady thing has me intrigued. Long ago, before Mr. Google, the Chicago Public Library had an Information Line. You could call them up with any question and they'd answer it for you within a minute, or die trying. After I moved out of Chicago, I still kept and used that phone number.

Was this anything to do with your stint as a fellow Government Employee?