Friday, March 23, 2007


Yes. It's That Time of Year again.

The pollen count has skyrocketed. Me, I've been breathing it and it acts on me like chloroform. By around 2PM lately, I'm not able to stay conscious.

So I'll be switching over to Night Life pretty soon.

But!!! The good news in that, of course, is that once housebound, I'm far more available to write posts.

Cool, huh?

heh heh!

Right now, I'm heading outside to do some gardening before the meltdown hits. But I have so very much to tell you all! I'll be catching up very soon now.

Happy Friday, all!


Jean said...

Sorry about the nasty pollen meltdown, but......more posts???... yayyyyyy!

k said...

Jean, I gotta tell you: I'm a real sucker for that positive reinforcement thing.

Boy oh boy, you make me feel seriously motivated!