Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th!

I may not have even noticed if it weren't for Cindi.

She, of course, being an eminently sensible woman, sees some good luck in this day.

Me too.

My mother was born on Friday the 13th. July.

One fine day, Walter and I were scheduled to go to a certain Real Estate closing. The only one of my very own in my entire life. Oh, happy day! My own house. My very own.

And we'd waited pretty patiently for it. Gave the seller 2 months to close, because he wanted to buy a condo first, and because he was pretty irresponsible and lazy and didn't take care of business too well. For example, he was 45 minutes late to the closing. Where I come from that's a pretty serious breach, there.

As we waited out our 2 months, Walter noticed something. We were scheduled to close on a Friday. Friday the 13th.

He's a brilliant and highly educated man. But he has traces of old country ways about him, and sometimes a little superstition is one.

He objected to this closing date.

I, OTOH, did NOT want to delay it. No. Not by one single minute. It would be like postponing a wedding or something. You just DON'T, not if you can help it.

I asked him, --Why?

--Well. I mean I know it's just superstition. But...why take chances?...

I gave him The Look.

All spice know The Look. I hear, from the Guy side, that it's usually the province of the Chick spouse.

I told him, --Actually, Friday the 13th is your LUCKY day.

---Huh??? he replied.

--Yes. See, my mom was born on Friday the 13th.


--If she hadn't been born, I wouldn't have been born. And you'd never have met me.

That makes Friday the 13th your lucky day. We won't change the date for the closing. Why throw away our lucky day?

And close on Friday the 13th, we did.


Nancy said...

'Pup was born on the 13th of a month, shares his birthday with Alfred Hitchcock... He thinks of Friday the 13ths as lucky days too.

pepektheassassin said...

Yea for Friday the 13th! Yea for meeting k! (And yea for kmom, for her part in the whole thing)!

Anonymous said...

Some of the best 'luck' I've had has been on Friday the 13th days.

Kat said...

OMG - what a freaky coincidence. We just closed on OUR new house day before yesterday - on Friday the 13th. :)