Friday, April 20, 2007

Make That Garden GROW!

Here I was, thinking about turning lemons to lemonade, and wondering in the recesses of my mind about other metaphors for such. I used the one I hear the most, and finished the thought.

Fellow gardener and scooteree, Nancy, has a wonderfully dry and piercing sense of humor. She left this comment, which made me inordinately proud of myself. Oh, smug smug smug!

See, K.... what I like about you is that you take the shit life gives you and then you turn it into fertilizer and then you grow pretty flowers in it....


This is a high compliment indeed. Thank you, Nancy! I'm sitting here grinning and blushing all at the same time.

And it's actually right on target. I mean, I like lemonade too. Sure. But this is a far more productive and fun way to do the same job:

--Hey, cool, what's this? Eeewww! Volunteer Crap. ha! like I need any more, already gotta use my hip boots around here, hee hee! Wait a minnit. I bet I could use this, actually. And hey, it's FREE! Free is good. Hell, why not. I'm broke. Okay, let's put it over here and just let the sun and the rain do their job...Oh, look, it's already ready! GREAT! Hey, I can just put that right over here...Oh pretty pretty! I really shouldn't spent $2.99 on a flower, but come on, it's worth at least $10 worth of Prozac and Xanax, isn't it? and look how much money I already saved in fertilizer! Okay. A little Garden Retail Therapy. Why not. Life's too short, enjoy your flowers while you can still see them and smell them, right?...


Granny J said...

Oh yes, oh yes -- there's nothing quite like a little garden therapy. speaking of fertil--ahz, as they called it down in Jax, I still haven't done anything with/about the javelina spoor. The critters are omnivores, but primarily eat plant life, so I suppose there's a future among the mulch. Does stink, tho.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

If I had a garden, I would have made a corner to cultivate my own vegetables ...

Kenny said...

I won't plantt anything until the end of May. We had snow on Monday. it can still get cold here. But I have big plans for the garden

k said...

I've heard that any kind of pig or pig-relative fertil...ahz is among the stinkiest of all known to man. I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or envy your compost.

kirsten, you reminded me a couple months ago how I'd fallen behind on my veggie plantings. It was because when I dug that area up, I found all this horrible old construction waste and garbage buried there and I tried to clean it all out but I got very discouraged. Now, I started at it again. I hope pretty soon I'll be done! That would be so nice! And in the meantime, I may just plant some in the front yard with my flowers. I'm tired of eating stuff that's never quite fresh.

Do you have any place like a balcony you can grow vegetables in pots? It's surprising how much you can grow that way even if you have an apartment instead of a yard.

Kenny - SNOW?!? aaauuuggghhh!!!! Did the little dogs get buried again? Is it freezing cold? How AWFUL!

I don't care how pretty it is up there. I couldn't stand to be there for winter.

I used to live in Chicago, see, in the late 1970's and early 80's where we had the 3 most vicious winters in a row that ever were. Set records left and right.

I'm a tropical girl. Ft. Lauderdale is about as far north as I ever want to live again.

Except...we can't grow certain *long-day* veggies here, like those beautiful gourds that get ripe around Halloween and Thanksgiving.


I hope you post your efforts, I'd love to see what you grow.