Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Hearts of Flame LIVE!

This one's finished blooming now, and it's setting seed. The seed stalk is interesting too. Not as pretty as the flower, of course, but it's still interesting to look at.

Now you can see the papery sheaths that hold the separate little flower stalks a lot easier. They've pulled away from the main stalk and they are really strange to touch. Sort of like a dry onion skin, thicker, different texture.

AND!!! Guess what I saw out back!

I've been watching the other plants for signs of that color change. The other two plants in the Western Garden are showing a tiny bit of dark red at the very tips of the larger leaves. I saw that on these two plants in my back yard too and I wondered if it meant something...and sure enough. The hearts on these two are turning to flame. I have TWO MORE FLOWERS coming! Oh BOY, I'm walking on air!

I'll be out of town for a good 10 days or 2 weeks or so, but still, I'll get to see most of the action on these, I'm pretty sure.

Meanwhile, I'm putting things to bed before I leave...(hee hee! bedding plants here, get it?).

Okay. Come on. A little lame humor never hurt anyone.

I'm always glad to see Moss Rose Time come around again. I used to think they would be all-year flowers here, but they aren't, and that's just what it is. I've been shopping with my usual great care, and got a lot of plants for $.99 that often run around $4. Like that. So, for the first time, this year I'll be sure to put in LOTS of regular garden flowers. It's worth it, it really is.

The first flurry of mangoes is at an end. I've gathered a lot of them up and sent them around to some folks, and the timing was perfect: I got to send a lot out to people I really wanted to have some of these great mangoes, and now the first crop is mostly over, and I'm leaving tomorrow on my trek. This one's for Cindi, here. The other nine were just right - I like to have them at varying stages of ripeness so they'll last a bit for the Mango Eater on the other end. But this last mango was quite green, and I figured a couple hours of our Florida sunshine was worth a good two days of Northern sunshine. If you leave the green ones out in the sun it makes a big difference in their sweetness.

So I packed up the whole box except for this last mango. I put in on my #1 most favorite garden rock, this black mica beauty I picked up in Connecticut a few years back. The mail carrier was a substitute and came very late in the day, yay! I worked outside, watching for him, and when I saw him on the other side of the street I wrapped the last mango, put it in the box, put in the final bubble wrap cushion and sealed it. Puttered around for a few more minutes...and there he was.

At first he was not all THAT happy to pick up an unexpected 10# box a block away from his truck, but I sweet-talked him for a minute and he grinned at me and was fine, and proud to be doing his job. He just needed a minute to get over the surprise. The regular carrier has it down to a science now. She checks from across the street to see if there's a box waiting for her, and brings her truck for it when she's done with her delivery loop.

The next crop will be ripe in June and July, so we'll be getting Double Mango Bliss this year.

Leaving tomorrow on my trek. I'm so excited I can't sit still! Dancing around like a little kid who has to pee.


sue said...

have a good trip... we'll catch you when you come back!

pepektheassassin said...

I am excited for you! Be careful, and have fun! (If you can do both at once. Otherwise, just have FUN!)

Livey said...

hey email me your cell phone number!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Green Thumb:
When you get back, you and I need to talk about what kind of soil I need for my new garden. Have a good trip!

Jean said...

daggnabbit! I missed the send-off.

Be careful! Have fun!!!

Livey said...

There was no send off, she didn't get her car until Friday so she rested, but that meant she left late. I talked to her today and she was in Georgia. She's hoping to be in Chicago by Sunday for her nephews college graduation. I don't know how she is gonna make it, but she said she was gonna!

Walter said...

K is 160 miles out of chicago and looks like she is going to make it but she is very tired

Livey said...

Thanks Walter! She called me this afternoon, she made it! She sounds so happy!

Cindi said...

I got the mangoes! Yum! I'm sharing them with my parents and grandma!


'Been thinking bout you and your trip all weekend.

k said...

Hi everyone! I MADE IT!!!

In fact, I shocked everyone half to death by arriving 1 1/2 hours early to the Event.

Said event being the graduation from college of her favorite - not to mention, her only -


He only went through the ceremony because I asked him to, because I wanted to see it.

He got a BA with a double major in Music Theory Composition, and Philosophy.

And, just in case that sounds like a degree you can't get a job with?

He already sold one composition to NASA and another to the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

Oh. And.

Magna Cum Laude.

Just like his auntie.

Who's SO very proud of this young man, she's about ready to bust a gut.

night, y'all. For now.

Cindi said...

Very proud indeed! Congratulations to your nephew. Glad to hear you got there in time for the graduation!

Nancy said...

Glad to hear you've made it and NOW I see why you were so eager to make the trip!

prettylady said...

Congratulations! I've been thinking of you!

pepektheassassin said...

Congrats to both you and him! I've been thinking about you, too, and I'm so glad you had a safe trip.

A degree in Music Composition in NOT an EASY to get degree--my youngest son just got his a few weeks ago. It's tough. He's just about music'd out! And my brother has a PhD in Music Composition. He's been writing, performing, and teaching music all his life.

Livey said...

She's here!

pepektheassassin said...

Hurrah! You two have a good time!