Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back. And Forth.

Well. I've learned a few things about my road trip pattern of Today.

As opposed to Back IN the Day.

I can see that it takes me far longer to get it together to go, and then once I arrive, I'll be out of it for 24-48 hours.

I got here at 5am Thursday. By Friday I was starting to move a bit. This morning I'm walking really well and pretty chipper too.

Just in time to go see LL.

Meaning...I got to talk to Livey some, which was wonderful. We went looking for a bear but didn't find one yet. I didn't cook for her yet either, much less bake bread.

That means we are Not Done.

So here's the plan:

Today I get to see LL, YAY! And my wee grandchildren. The praying mantises. They'll look up at us with their big eyes...

Sunday I see my fabulous niece and her most excellent husband. I get to see their new house and garden. Monday, I see my excellent nephew and his sig other and her sister, whom I've never met, and always wanted to. Tuesday the nephew drives me around Chicago so I can go by my old haunts.

Then Wednesday?

I head back up to the Northwoods.

I figured I already did the flat tire and missed a turn, right? Got it out of the way.

So we'll see if this next drive is a nice smooth one. Hey. It could happen.

And then? Then, I just KNOW we'll find a nice bear and EVERYTHING.


Nancy said...

I'm glad you and Livey will have more time together!

I'm still jealous.

If I had the money, I'd sooo be flying to Chicago this afternoon.

Granny J said...

About those baby mantids -- I saw my first just the other day. The little fellow was about 1/4 inch long. And a perfect little miniature!

Dazd said...

Glad to hear you're having a wonderful time!

You'll need a vacation when you get home. lol

pepektheassassin said...

Y'all be good, now, ya'hear???

LL said...

You guys...K has SO much to tell you.

Baby groundhogs
More garden
Baby mantises

It was fun, fun, fun!!

Sassy Sistah said...

What a joy to read about your wonderful trip! Keep on having tons of fun - but take care of yourself too!

k said...

Nancy, Dazd, Sassy, everyone - this is such a BLAST!!!

Dazd, I think I'm already in need of a bit of vacation from my vacation. Tomorrow I can sleep in a bit. *whew!*

and oh, miss assassin, if I can't be good, at least I'm having fun. And, uh, can I say, oh...I'm being good at having fun? Does that count?

Granny J, what a CUTIE you found! I haven't had the pleasure of finding them out in the wild so much, throughout my life. To find such a tiny one like that? Wow! I hope you were able to get pix. Sometimes it's those unexpected things that get away from us, pic-wise.

LL, I'm still running around down here, and so I've ended up telling everyone in my family about it all, and not posting it. Yikes! You have a lot of excited k relatives down here all happy about the mantids and the groundhogs and the koi and the gardens. I got a wee speck of a disapproving Look when I explained I didn't have a single groundhog pic.

But the digitals of the mantids came out better than I'd hoped. The film ones may be ready sooner, too.

And getting the pix from my laptop to the net should be coming along soon...!