Thursday, June 21, 2007

More of Livey's Flowers

Livey's house is built on a slope, on a 5-acre plot. This makes for interesting woodland *falls,* and no end of excellent opportunities for stepping-stone type walkways.

Another? Here's a patio, tucked into the left side of the house. Chairs!!! (I'm always in favor of chairs.) And once again, you come upon an almost-hidden view of beautiful gold-and-blue irises, tucked in among the ferns and other plants.

Oh yes - clicken! These pix should be eminently clickable from here on out.

You see how welcoming this is? Coming around the corner, you might not even expect to see such a thing - and there it is.

Iris is another bulb we have difficulties growing in our own hot climate.

This is the window box under MY window. Pansies. YES!

Hello. What a sweet face!

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